Why people ever let videos like these get out in the first place I'll never know.

Because it's fucking rad

Who does that without a helmet? So irresponsible!

I know! His girlfriend could get seriously hurt!

Exactly, never try anything.

Sorry for being rude, but how uncool can you be to not even use a toy skateboard... A scooter... Really? ROFL


Mitchie Brusco, who was 16 at the time by the way, landed the first ever 1080 in competition at the X Games in Barcelona.

poor kid, he was probably* just practicing with his toy and decided to record it. Now he is all over the internet being made fun of.

My first guess was it is someone who really doesn't understand social norms, for instance someone with autism.


Bet you couldn't do those sweet tricks, bitch

And now he has learned a valuable lesson.

He's just practicing something. Seriously, fuck the social norms that tell me I should laugh at him.

You know what though? Seems like he's having fun. He's able to lose himself in that moment, in his own imagination. A moment perhaps unlike his life which so far hasn't quite gone the way he's expected it wanted. So for this brief time, he's able to be the daredevil residing inside his own fantasy world.

The look of satisfaction and dedication... The amount of contentment that comes from those small moments in life are what make the big, scary, sometimes unfair world a little better, even if just for a little while.

Can anyone post a link to wherever the bottom gif is from? I wanna see whatever made Tony freak out like that. Had to be something good.

reddit thinks everyone has autism

Fuck you

It seems like schools ban anything that gets too popular. It's like the get off on the control they have over the students. Can't let them have too much fun. You know what I'm saying? Sorry I might still be bitter from when they banned pogs.

THEY'RE NOT CHILDREN'S TOYS! They're fictional simulation modules. Like My Little Pony toys...I MEAN MODULES

It's no "worse" than many other hobbies or competitions.

I mean I used to laugh at Air Guitar competitions and think it had to be the dumbest thing I ever saw. Then I realized the participants were having fun and the only people talking about skill or talent or how little it resembled playing a real guitar... were the people not doing it. Not one person playing air guitar ever thought they were doing something that would change the world or which took more skill than the real thing.

I learned to just let people do what they like and if I don't like it... so what?

I think I was about 8 when that happened.

yeah it is!

That's exactly what someone with autism would say... without looking you in the eyes.

ESPN 8: The Ocho!

That doesn't make it better... it just shows sadness at a professional level.

Sorry, but the poster above you actually just made all of that up. I've see the clip, and Tony Hawk was reacting to a guy doing a trick on a finger scooter.

Wow, thanks a lot for the speedy response! Also for the link! Thank you fellow redditor :)

Aw I feel bad for that guy :(

I feel like the reaction vid could have been done a lot better.

have to practice hard to win hard

How the hell else are you supposed to spin it around your handle bars? I mean it's not like it's a bike!

Yea the tech decks were popular when i was in middle school for a long time. kids would play with them during lunch on the tables and the teachers had to start banning them because they said they were scratching up the desks.

I don't think I understand children's toys anymore.

Honestly, How i feel when i see this is how i expect most people feel when they see me Watching League of Legends Finals.

Star Wars Kid

Most learned that lesson from .


Not the source, but if you want Tony Hawk freaking out so much he fucking squawks:

I'm actually confused... Parts of me are impressed but a whole lot of me is just depressed.

Just sold my mountain bike

That's retarded.

It's not about social norms in this case, but I don't think you're too far off for guessing autism.

Maybe it's just acting? Or they simply don't give a damn what people think if some find it entertaining.


You might think this is lame but check out some footage from the Fingerboarding Championships...

Maybe he just doesn't give a fuck

The top youtube comment actually makes a pretty good case for it (if a little defensive):

"Okay haters listen! Finger boarding is a fun inside hobby which is a show of finger coordination! Finger boarders do skate! If they didn't like skating than they wouldn't be into finger SKATING! It's something to do when you can't skate at that time like in a store in your house and if you find it fun than you can do it Outside! What does this matter to you!? You are probably just hating because we can skate and be coordinated enough to fingerboard too! And the thing that doesn't make sense, if you don't like it THAN DONT FUCKING CLICK ON IT!!! ALL YOU DO WHEN YOU DO THAT IS GIVE THE VIDEO MORE VIEWS WITCH PAYS THEM TO KEEP DOING IT!!!!! And that would be supporting finger boarding! And it means we wouldn't have to deal with you ether! Deal? Deal."


They're sponsored by Red Bull, I doubt it's satire.

The cut halfway through really annoyed me

I'm in my 30s and I remember tech decks being a thing when I was in high school, maybe younger.

That exit at 0:19 was almost as badass as the trick.

Slow your roll there Jesse.

thanks you soooo much for posting this. forgot about this show

No reason to feel bad for him. He's having a good time.

Perfection or death

Danger 5

I for one admire your enthusiasm for your hobby of belligerence and sarcasm, and appreciate your sharing it with us

I like you, you're feisty.


one before

Well. Sort of. 12 year old Tom Schaar did


Paper guns and ninja stars

Not like this kid is ever going to finger anything else

... I'm still laughing

I'd assume someone's "loved ones" release them - a sister who thinks it's funny or the like.

Bruh, pokemon cards tho.

A lot of the moves they're doing are pretty sweet and look like they take quite a bit of skill.

Must've been weird when you argued with your parents.

This always baffles me.. everytime. I guess its because they need the attention so badly they want to post it as quickly as possible. But just one take more and it couldve been much cooler or was this really his best take? I really dont get it...

please tell me this is satire

lol everyone in the replies to this comment are talking about how this is "depressing" when these are just kids out there having a ton of fun. yeah it was a fad and it looks stupid as shit now, but saying this is "depressing" is what is really sad, imo.

Its like the worst parts of bmx and skateboarding combined.

If someone goes hard on a scooter, props. Not if someone is a little bitch on a scooter.

He posted it so.

Its just even more depressing

Scooters, bitch!

I'm in my 20s and remember them being a thing when I was 6th grade, so high school is probably accurate.

I was super into this scene for a while, several years ago. Went to big meetups around the US, met some of the biggest names. It was honestly a ton of fun. I miss it. Everyone was really cool.