Using visual aid to train dogs

When she hits the stuffed animal the dogs are kinda like, “ok message received.”

Then when she just whacks it on the floor the one on the left is like, “Fuck this bitch is crazy, we get it. Damn!”

I feel like the dogs would be hesitant of an aggressive bucket offering in the first place..

I love the threatening finger point. "That'll be you, bitch. THAT. WILL. BE. YOU."

Put some chicken carcass in there and then we'll see.

Yawns in anxiety

depend on the bucket. bucket of food? yes.. bucket of car sirens no thanks

Once my dogs saw me beating my kid they have been really well behaved.

“This! This could be you!”

So...the dog that I have now is one of the smartest I've ever had when it comes to stuff like that.

A few weeks ago, she was being naughty and had her front paws up on the counter checking things out, and accidentally knocked the cutting board and steak onto the floor. She hauled ASS toward her "time out" spot and didnt even touch the steak.

Obviously she was bad for having her paws up there but I was insanely impressed she just turned away from it , and we weren't in the kitchen at the time. She could have chowed down.

I feel you need to swap stuffed dogs otherwise the Shiba will catch onto this farce.

I read dogs actually yawn and sneeze to show submission and playful behaviour. That why dogs often do that weird sneezy thing when you play with them.

From a reaaaaally young age we trained our pups not to eat their food until we give them the Go word.

They're needy little fuckers when we're cooking, and will sit there staring at us like we've not fed them in weeks.

BUT if I drop food, they'll sit there and ignore it if we don't tell them they can eat it.

They're needy, like to sit on my head while I sleep, and have a tendency to attempt to lick my skin down to the bone, but by the gods, I love them so much.

"Alright I think this has gone far enough ma'am"

Works for babies too

Beat a dog?!

You sick bastard.

I love how they both jump when she starts slamming the toy into the floor.

"Holy shit, did you see that?! I do NOT want to get slammed into the floor for getting into the trash. I'm never playing in the trash again!"

Kinda close but they do it whenever they're excited/stressed and need to calm down, or want to calm someone else down (in this case the human).

Yawning, licking, turning away, sitting/lying down, looking away, sneezing, wagging etc etc can all be calming signals (note the CAN, they obviously do it for other reasons too, context is vital).

*Here is a very useful, short article on it.

"Jesus, Helen, we get the point"

As a shiba owner, that didn't teach the Shiba anything other than to be more sneaky about trash hunting in the future. Make sure it can only be blamed on that other dog.

I have some bad news.

I have watched this gif a couple of times and they didn't take your advice, but luckily the shiba never caught on either.

I want a bucket of car sirens, that would be helluva fun to play with.

“Fuck that’s not fair, she made him do that and then he got his ass beat”

Will this work for cats? I'm really tired of my bitch cat shitting on the carpet, just because she doesn't like the covered litter box. The other cat doesn't mind it all.

Should be noted. I'm going out today to buy her an uncovered litter box, because she wins. Also, buying me some chocolate, because I deserve it for not kicking her after stepping in the pile of poo, barefooted, in the dark, because she found a new location to make her point.

Now try it the other way around to train your kid.

My cat used to sit in the litter box, but hang its ass over the edge and shit directly onto the floor or the side of the box. Fucking cats.

My cat used to poo outside the litter box (covered) and when I took the top off she was fine. Found out from watching out of the corner of my eye the other cat stalking her when she went to do her business so she felt she was cornered in that covered box.

My dogs like that...when I'm around. When I feed her she won't eat until I say OK, and if were eating she lays patiently near by and never begs. But if you aren't paying attention she will devour anything and everything that even remotely resembles food, even remotes... We have to keep childproof locks on the pantry and garbage cans. we don't even have kids!

These dogs just witnessed a torture scene.

It’s only trash until there’s food in there. Then it’s food.

He Lin?

Aggressive bucket offering. 😂😂😂

This may be true! My dog sneezes a fuckton when I get home from work to take him outside and feed him. I never knew why but now I think I do! Thanks!

Fun prank would be to gift them to your younger nephews/nieces

One of ours did have a penchant for remote controls at one point. But we've put down a carrot, or broccoli, or some other snack they like, and left the room forgetting to say Go.

Five minutes later walk back in and they're giving us that look of "why do you hate us so much to torture us like this?"..

They're good pups.


No, you don't get it. You see its all about the 'implication'...

Why is she teaching them that it's bad to puke in the garbage after a night of drinking?

My gmas cat enjoys an evening snack of 1 fresh green bean.

My gma never owned a cat before so I was surprised he waits patiently for his bean

From The Onion:

‘Paw Patrol’ Writers Defend Episode Where German Shepherd Cop Shoots Unarmed Black Lab 17 Times I...

LOS ANGELES—Explaining that their goal has always been to hold a mirror to society, whether focusing on the power of friendship or a racially motivated killing, the writers behind the hit children’s television series PAW Patrol defended a recent episode of the show Friday in which a German shepherd “police pup” shoots an unarmed black lab 17 times in the back. “What we tried to do in ‘Paw-lice Bru-tail-ity’ was use Chase’s gunning down of a weaponless Zuma to start a dialogue,” staffer Louise Moon said of the storyline in which a bigoted Cap’n Turbot reports a “thuggish black dog” for loitering in his gated community moments before Chase arrives, mistakes Zuma’s bone for a gun, and shoots indiscriminately at the fleeing canine while shouting his signature catchphrase, “These paws uphold the laws!” “The fact is that whether they’re 2- or 11-years-old, our viewers are smart enough to decide for themselves whether Chase’s family and career should be ripped apart just because of a split-second decision. Our job is just to represent the political moment—from the violent Antifa protests to Chase’s PTSD-fraught leave of absence—using the only medium we have, and I believe we did that.” At press time, the PAW Patrol writers remained silent about the episode involving the deportation of thousands of Chihuahuas accused of stealing jobs and crippling Adventure Bay’s economy.

My buddy has a Shiba. After spending some time around her, I realize that she really tries to push the boundaries of what is tolerable behavior. That kind of intelligence is something you have to see in person to truly appreciate.


Okay, but they're also using the threat of abuse to train the dogs, is that an accepted technique?

I have 0 cats. So I should have a litter box just randomly sitting somewhere in my house?

Shiba: "Well good thing the trash looks nothing like a wash bucket"

(Puts the real dog away)

Yes that is exactly what I meant swap with a new stuffed god.

Thanks for doing the leg work for the rest of us.

I don't think the dog understands the concepts of fair, inanimate or individual agency.

It probably thinks more in terms of "trash can = BAD, OUCHY OUCHY". Cause, you know, it's still a dog.

If I tried that with my dog, the only thing that would happen would be that she would “assist” me in beating up that stuffed animal.

Just an fyi, those plastic tops can generate static electricity and zap your cat each time it tries to go in there... I discovered this while carefully observing my own cat. I felt so bad after I figured out what was happening. I now have a large wooden box with the litter pan inside. No static build up. Got it on Amazon. Just something to consider.

dog calls cops

I don't know how to feel about this.

Jesus Susan, take it easy.- Dog probably.

“Red rocket boy. Red rocket”

Finally someone knows

Friend of mine left the deli chicken on a plate on the counter and went to change the baby. The chicken was never seen again, nor any evidence--no grease smears, no bones. A complete disappearance, not unlike Jimmy Hoffa. Black lab was questioned, but she never broke. Ever.

It IS true, it's an incredibly important part of their body language that far too few people know about. Look up calming signals; your dog will be very grateful :)

I had the same issue. You'd better just take the cover off. It's not like your cat is being unreasonable:

Imagine if every time you went in the bathroom to poop, a psycho with needles for fingers who makes no sound when he walks might creep up outside your bathroom door and give you a slice across the face as soon as you're done wiping, then scamper off to hide elsewhere in your house.

Damn right I'd start pooping in the corner.

Paw Patrol

There’s no way this is training them to do anything. The dogs would have to recognize that the stuffed animal is meant to represent them...

You'd hit a dog???

Almost correct.

Yawning is a calming signal. Dogs so this to signal that they want to calm the situation down. Show that they do not want to escalate the situation.

Licking their nose and turning their sides are also calming signals.

Anders Halgren has published a lot of studies about this. I really recommend reading them.

Ok thank you. I kept thinking, if the dog is smart enough to draw the conclusion that what happened to the stuffed animal will happen to him, he's smart enough to realize it's inanimate and she was the one making the stuffed animal do it. He had to confused as hell. He was backing away from her because she's erratic and deranged, probably.

Ah you mean pranking your siblings

I definitely rinsed it off and still cooked it and ate it. I felt like a Neanderthal, but it was delicious.

RIP delicious doggo. He was a good (tasting) boy.

I don't have siblings. My parents said they learn from their mistakes...

Haha this is exactly what I thought!

That's what mine does :/

My dog has been trained really well about begging. He knows not to touch anything on a plate or table, and he knows if he sits at a polite distance while I'm eating, he'll get a bite at the end.

For his birthday, I cooked him an old steak I found at the back of my freezer. I cut it up and put it on a plate, which I set on the floor. He sat there and stared at it whining, because his training was so strong he was refusing to touch a plate that I was specifically offering to him. I ended up having to dump the steak in his bowl to get him to eat it.

Username checks out

r u checkin me out

Yeah. And now I'm really curious about whether or not the OP gif is real and if that little demonstration is all that's needed to dissuade pups from nosing around in the wastebasket. If it is real, that seems like it might be a really effective way to train dogs for some things.

"My tongue tastes like balls"

At first I read this as if you meant swap them for real dogs and man I was about to be so mad at you.

If it works, it only works for when dogs know you are around. They won't be scared of punishment without anyone watching.

Have you perhaps been absent from Reddit since mid 2015? It's been nothing but shibas and corgis since.

It does help tenderize the meat.

So once the dog gives a calming signal, what can I do to let the dog know I have seen the signal and am de-escalating? Do I just simply move slower and talk in a calmer voice? I.E. how do I let the dog know that they have been "heard"?

as opposed to a younger secondary donna?

Mine did that too until I got a larger litter box. Do you have a big(ger) kitty? They might need/want more room.

Honestly the shit getting outside the litter box wasn't even that bad, it was the damn urine that would go everywhere that drove me nuts.

How are you not getting this?

Right? Shibas are smart as fuck.

This feels... really cruel to me?

Stuffed gods are the way to go.

My dog would beg to differ. Still trying to get him to stop pulling nasty sh*t out of the trash can.

This is the cutest thing I've read all day. I think I'm going to put Reddit down for a little while now. 🙂

When we did puppy class, the trainer said they yawn when they are getting sick of training. Ours does it within a couple minutes if we're doing his "drills".

It's cute, because he's a pretty vocal dog and it's a whiny high pitched big dramatic yawn.

The "smart" dogs are far more work/difficult to train, on average. People generally think "smart dog" means "obeys me with minimal effort on my part" and some will even dump them at the shelters because they think their dog is "stupid" or defective.

The upside to a "smart dog" is that if you stick it out and gain their trust/love then you will have a once in a lifetime companion.

that's nice, but what the dogs are seeing is you beat one of their peers to death. I don't consider scaring them into submission as training.

Um, no. They both think she's initializing play. The Shiba play bows and the smaller one steps forward. They go away from the trash because of tone and something that's usually stationary being thrust at them.

Sadly, one of my dogs would think this is a game and the response to this kind of display would be "that's my fetish"!

You can try to recognize what causes it and go from there. Maybe you are looking at him a bit hard (it took my girl years to stop hating it when I looked her in the eyes), talk to him in a bit of a stern voice, etc. They will often recognize it if you return the signals too. Looking past the dog instead of straight at it works great for a lot of them.

It's not always negative, though, and you'll never be able to eliminate the signals (what a boring life) so keep that in mind. Stress isn't inherently bad and the signals are very easy to confuse too. Of course a dog will lick his nose if you touch it, look away if he sees something interesting, sniff to see what dogs have been around etc.


That's an amazing dog. I turned my back for a split second from a chicken breast on a plate on the edge of my counter, and it was on the floor, in my dog's mouth. I definitely rinsed it off and still cooked it and ate it. I felt like a Neanderthal, but it was delicious.

So are these puppers in danger?

Chortle, use Water Gun!

I chortled.

Why is this a surprise, they eat poop for crying out loud.

Looks like a video from China. What’s the Chinese version of Helen ?

Did you use jumper cables?

Ya, saves trips to the bathroom