Vegas Shooting Security Guard Is Missing

Vegas Shooting Security Guard Is Missing

Security guard who was shot in Vegas shooting, has armed security outside his house, but is now missing. He was supposed to have 5 interviews today, including Hannity, but he no-showed. I’m not a conspiracy guy, but this entire thing is completely messed up. Continue to expose FBI’s incompetence.

So i wasn't crazy thinking Hannity was supposed to interview this guy today.. This whole thing is bizzare.

I've been trying to ignore this but it's getting weird now.

This whole situation is beyond bizarre. Also, how does the FBI lose people this easily?

More than 50 deaths. Already lost chain of custody of the shooter's house. Shooter dead. Only other actor at the scene gone missing. This operation is going from bad to very bad. What's next: very very bad?

Hannity on Twitter: "He cancelled."

Hannity on Twitter: "He cancelled."

He was so distraught about being unable to stop the shooter that he beat himself to death with a baseball bat and buried himself in the desert.

Me, too. There’s a lot of narratives being tossed our, which intend to ignore. But something is going on that we aren’t being told.

check the shores of lake mead

Calm before the storm? Hollyweird is blowing up, lv shooting getting weirder and weirder, and aren't the JFK files finally supposed to be declassified in a week or two.

I saw a reporters tweet saying he disappeared from the studio and hasn't been seen since.

There's a reason why this type of "investigation" is still so fucked up 11 days later... it's because they're reconstructing the events to be what they want, not what really happened.

It’s simple.

Jesus Campos must have been Paddock’s accomplice.

Paddock shot him for whatever reason - maybe he didn’t trust him to follow through with the plan, maybe he tried to back out, or an accidental friendly fire shooting, or maybe a ricochet.

It explains why the long delay between his being shot and police finding out from hotel security. It explains why no interviews with the “hero security guard” who wasn’t registered with the state as a legal security guard.

It explains an escape if he thinks eventually they’ll catch on that he was in on the massacre (alternately, if he was put into hiding by whoever controls him, for the conspiracy-minded).

So who is Jesus Campos and why was he really on the 32nd floor getting shot before the massacre took place?

Check the freight elevators. Rumor is he hung out there a time or two.

Next they'll start leveling hotels to hide evidence

Movie plots are more coherent.

check his luggage, he prolly jumped inside it and locked it himself

That's the tweet that this post is centered around. :)

I was just adding what Hannity had to say. Further down in this post u/venious adds more info from Laura Loomer.

Because he is an illegal citizen therefore the casino is responsible for hiring illegals to work he would be deported and left narrative on illegals shattered therefore that's why cops were not called asap because they were hiding an illegal

Unreal, it's like a movie plot.

He can't go on when they had to change the timeline a million times. This adds to the conspiracy...

And no one will mention the Awans!

fake interviews

Nothing weird. Par for the course.

Crisis Actors giving . This includes Steven Paddock's """""brother""""" Eric.

Lone wolf narrative, which anyone who questions is a conspiracy theorist.

Relentless gun control/ Anti- 2nd Amendment propaganda being rammed down our throats by MSM.

The Deep State in collusion with the MSM and millionaire/billionaire globalists are murdering citizens in an attempt to chisel away at the 2nd Amendment.

I'm personally hoping for an armed uprising so I can go full Scarface on all our enemies.

Spez: 2 shooters

After removing his hands, head, and any other identifiable features.

Is this dude even real?

For someone being portrayed as the 'hero' I haven't seen a single picture or interview with him.

The entire timeline of events revolves around the security guard. And yesterday we learn about the maintenance guy who was in the hallway too and actually have recording of calling in the shooter to security. No visual or audio recording from the security guard himself that I'm aware of at this time.

Really strange

smiling before getting into character to give your fake, tearless statement to the media one day after the massacre??

What the hell are you talking about? Are you trying to tell me if your daughter was murdered in an elementary school you wouldn't be

after he shot himself twice in the back of the head

If he's an illegal, the chances of this being a Cartel inspired terrorist event (instead of ISIS) just went right up.

Cartels hate Trump supporters too; that wall is going to cut their profits in half.

Supposedly he has some sort of gag order now:

See, this is the difference between critical thinking and conspiracy thinking.

Sometimes it turns out to be a conspiracy, though.

If he's illegal, he isn't a citizen. He's an alien.

Total cover-up and caught in the act. He's either long gone or dead since he wasn't a real security guard to begin with.

did anyone check the gym????

I share this assessment. MGM is working nonstop to "sanitize" this. Otherwise the lawsuits to come will shut down half of the Vegas strip.

possibly imagine.

It's worse than you could

President Trump, you are our voice in government.

Please demand answers from the FBI, immediately!

The purposeful hyperventilating, shaking his head to "clear the emotions," and that relaxed creepy fucking smile; it was an excited smile.

Didn't buy most that stuff until I just saw this. The fuck.

It's sad in this day and age that if you ask questions or think anything that isn't exactly the official narrative that you have to preface it with "I'm not a conspiracy guy".

CIA did a hell of a job dumbing down the masses to get them to dismiss or attack anyone asking questions. BTW, 'tin foil' was phased out after WW2. Remind people of that next time they make some dumb comment about tin foil hats.

if hes not there he might be at the gym

The smoke is going to dissipate and the mirrors will break. Who knows what the truth shall be?

My money says he GOT cancelled.

WTF??? This was already weird getting weirder.

What is it going to take for GEOTUS to step in. It's almost been two weeks since the shooting and the American people still don't have the facts. I understand that they need to tread lightly due to an ongoing investigation, but this whole thing fucking stinks. GEOTUS mentioned that we would be finding out soon, which was over a week ago. Now the left and RINOs are using this to attack our 2A, and GEOTUS hasn't stepped in on that either. I know he has a lot on his plate, tax, NK, health care, etc, but this stuff needs to be addressed in a timely manner, and we the people don't have much trust in media or the establishment. Was hoping Hannity was going to bring this up in the interview.

Please GEOTUS, don't let them fuck with our guns, and force out the truth on Vegas.


Driving me nuts

Flight 93


Gene Rosen changed his story more than LVMPD

cover up. Sandy Hook was a hoax and a cover up. This was an inside job/cover up like 9/11.

No. You see her doorstep a possibly female family member (you only hear her voice) who says something like, "we're not allowed to talk". No sign of Jesus. The rest of it is her and her colleague asking pointed questions of the silent security guard/spook guarding the house.

Hmmmmmming intensifies

I show this video to anyone that is interested in 9-11 conspiracies. I hope someone backs it up.

The first report I saw about him being shot before the shooter(s) fired on the crowd also said that when SWAT arrived, they didn't know that he had called it in. They were only there because of the shootings.

I have to ask, "Why wasn't his call the one to bring them there?" They would have stopped the shooting before it stopped itself. How did his report of shots not get to them?

I saw this video a couple hours ago.


Oh you mean like ?

Mostly. I'm hoping for a twist ending to tie this shit all together.

Isn't there that thing about 1 trillion going missing ?

It's always the little things.

Suicide with two shots in back of the head?

No fuckery going on here whatsoever, none indeed

Or down the park, sort of killing himself.

Damn that first guy is weird as fuck holy shit

The other main motive for this Deep State plot, in addition to grabbing guns that is, almost has to be that of being a confusing distraction as there are so many blatantly incompetent weirdnesses involved now that it becomes the simplest answer(Occam's razor).

To be fair, I'd use that line, or a variation, no matter what if journalists doorstepped me at night.

Don't give them ideas!!!

We should ask $hillary, she probably will know before the body is "discovered."

I hope he doesn’t show up dead somewhere... scary

Adrenaline is an instant effect.... 24 hours of thinking about your lil girl and tons of other kids being killed, adrenaline has long passed... its going to be a somber and or angry few days.

I say you he dead

Adrenaline makes you smile inappropriately.

Head on over to watchpeopledie and there's a gif of a female sniper almost getting her head blown off. Bullet missed by inches.

Her reaction? Laughing.

Most likely will go unresolved