Wanna explain this Arnold, you hypocrite criminal douche?

Wanna explain this Arnold, you hypocrite criminal douche?

Progressives are purposefully ignorant to how much of our wealth, and how many people have been lifted out of poverty by fossil fuel use.

Arnold flew to work every day. http://articles.latimes.com/2008/mar/07/local/me-arnold7

I wouldn’t say it’s ignorance for the most part. It’s a repeated story through out history: We use whatever we can to make our nation (or self) more powerful, then our children denounce it.

Not to mention he is the king of gas guzzler suvs and trucks.

Kill muhammed the islamic golden age never stops and humanity is in space.

Fun fact: The Governator used his private jet to commute from LA to Sacramento daily whilst governor. To see his kids everyday was his excuse. Ok.

No - it's mostly ignorance. They don't understand and don't want to understand how fossil fuels revolutionized our world as we discovered how to unlock such a plentiful and high-density energy source.

Try taking their iphones off of them and explaining that they need to walk to work, and we are taking away their AC and electricity, oh and your house is now extremely shitty and you live with 12 other people and, and, and, since we don't have the energy to build things or transport cheap materials across the ocean, etc. and see how they respond.

Morons. Without fossil fuels most of us would still need to dedicate our lives to growing food. I worked on a farm (with lots of tractors I'll add) seasonally as a kid, it's not fun.

He also has a 1951 M-47 Patton battle tank that is powered by an 810-horsepower Chrysler V12 twin turbo gas engine.

I'm sure that thing is reallllll easy on fuel.

He has a TANK.

Not kids, mistress.

Douchenegger is jealous because Trump is the Optimus Prime of alpha males. Arnie can't compete.

Drives a literal tank around his property.

Was the guy who made reconditioning the military Humvee for civilian use cool and inevitably lead to the inspiration for the invention of GM's Hummer, H2, and H3.

Ignore the HumVee hypocrite.

US coal is rather rich in Thorium, such that the fly ash is slightly radioactive. There's more energy extractable from the Thorium than there is from burning the coal.

Divest 10% of what we're spending on military efforts related to securing foreign oil supplies (i.e. Middle East) to pour into an energy effort with the goal of extracting Thorium from coal, using it in a nuclear reactor (probably MSR), using the heat from said reactor both to generate power and to drive a Fischer-Tropsch process to convert the leftover coal to more portable/efficient hydrocarbon fuels (methane, octane). With each major milestone hit, divest another 10% away from middle-east military efforts toward hitting the next development milestone.

Oil oligarchies ruined, USA energy independent forever, electricity costs plummet.

If globull worming is an actual problem, the Fischer-Tropsch process can be used to extract CO2 from the air and convert that into fuel, and the MSRs can use depleted uranium or even extract thorium from the ocean for the nuke part.

arnold is a pervert


and a hypocrite


Yeah you are def talking a different type of progressive than scarmine is. He's talking about the gov't tuition riders. The "I went to college now I'm smart" Occasional Cortex types, more or less.

Ironically, there’d be no means to discover renewable energy sources without discovering the uses of fossil fuels first. It’s crazy how the “global warming/climate change” camp admonishes doubters as being illogical, when they themselves have such trouble thinking logically.

It’s all just a means of casting fossil fuel use in a bad light, so that they can justify taxing it more and more to skim $. We see how that’s working in France.

This leftist war on fossil fuels is so utterly moronic, that it amazes me any adult could support it.

Where do these people think most of the world’s energy came from over the past two centuries? What do they think allowed for the industrial revolution to take place? Where do they think all of our transportation and lighting and manufacturing and food production comes from?

Fossil fuels have done more to lift poor people out of poverty and raise and global living standards than just about any other creation in history. But these leftist morons wish it was never invented because.....something. Pollution is bad, maaan!

That’s the problem with leftism. These people don’t think anything through. They see a picture of a chimney stack and they think “pollution is bad”, and they use that to formulate a position that would undo the past 200 years of exponential human progress in health, medicine, transportation, and living standards.

Leftists are like children. They’re impulsive, thoughtless, and they want to break shit just for the fun of it.

As much as I like Arnold I wish he would just stop with politics & just enjoy retirement that much more.

The minute the last drop of oil is burned for fuel, we'll all be back to agriculture and slavery.

Bentley? He's known for driving Hummers.

Prior to the discovery of fossil fuels, whales were being hunted to near extinction for lamp oil.

It's fridge logic so I can make up whatever I want too.

Remove discovery of oil as fuel. Nazi germany conquers the world.

Douchenegger! Love it!

Just like Leo DiCaprio and all the rest. Virtue signal for the media and then do the opposite in your personal life. Let's be honest, I'm sure that 90% of these famous celebs don't give a crap about most of the stuff that they virtue signal for, but they do it because either a) it endures them to a certain loud fan base or b) it appeases their puppet masters.

Funny thing about Arnold is that the vast majority of his fan base are probably republicans.

Just realized I read your comment wrong!

They're also purposefully ignorant when it comes to the crushing hypocrisy of their false idols (a.k.a. celebs, pop stars, Islam as a peaceful religion, etc...)