Water falls in the shape of musical notes

Water falls in the shape of musical notes

What I wouldn't give to see this after a redditor got control of the input program.

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Here's a video of it

This is in Osaka Station, and it's neat to watch, but what's even neater is all the people hurrying by it paying it no mind. It makes way more designs than just this too. It tells time and says Welcome in various languages, etc.

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Not just musical notes. It also shows the hour, some weird shapes and information. It is in a mall in Osaka. In person it is jaw-dropping

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No Osaka station, my hometown.


Let us know when it’s ready

How did they do that without the notes falling apart?

in youtube videos like this one

It's just multiple streams of water that is rapidly turned on and off at the exact right moments. Gravity does everything, it doesn't need to be connected. You can see it more clearly .

I need this wall to passive-aggressively let my neighbours know that construction work at 6am is not cool.



I built one of these a while back. Here's me testing out one of the modular segments:


Do they sell smaller versions of this? Because I would buy that

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You must be a man of culture.

Yup, I saw this during my trip back in 2010. It was so cool to see the whole thing, and we were totally the only people standing around gawking at it.

Good memories. :)

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Amazing, I like this more if there is a song while the notes are falling.

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Waterfall Clock

This may be a similar clock, but the one in the OP post is the from Osaka Station.

Check your local noise laws. Everywhere I've lived, it would be unlawful to start construction before 7.

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Yeah, that clearly happens here too, but the distance is just short enough.

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Pretty clear to see this is a joke seeing the format they are putting it in. Would be funny to see a fountain spew that out.

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Seeing the op I thought it was desktop size. It wasn't until I watched the video and the kids walked up to it that I realized this is a full size water fountain. The kid inside me would love to jump in it.

You ever spray a hose at something kinda far away? The water leaves the hose as a solid stream but as it get closer to the target the stream breaks apart into water globules. That’s what he means

Entry into google translate: please good sirs, do not start work prior to 7am

translation to whatever language: hello elephant, fly as you please prior to 7am

result: workers begin at 4am



Google translate that shit, put it on a piece of paper then hang it up at the gate.

There's one in place Versailles shopping center, Montreal, Cacanada too. Pretty dope

Please don't sue me Disney :(

Why would you think this does not reuse the water?? Fountains don't lose water. Maybe a little bit from evaporation but it's not like the water gets dumped on the street once it passes through the fountain.

i mean what do you expect, the habitants of the area constantly being amazed by the same thing? people in paris aren't going to visit the eiffel tower daily.

Saw it in Osaka a couple of years ago. I was mesmerized by it for a good 5 minutes.

It's totally plausible that you know exactly how long you stood there since it tells you the time.

Osaka Station

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