What Santa delivered to the RED Employees. Happy Saint Nicholas’ Day.

What Santa delivered to the RED Employees. Happy Saint Nicholas’ Day.

I like the idea that CDPR is investing in keeping their employees hyped for their production. It goes to show that they care for it, and that they have have high hopes for it. It renews my own hype to see the game come to fruition.


This may be the one game, where I will go for collector's. It simply shows that there's a lot of love for it and it's hard not to reward that.

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Good god, it totally does

Put it on a credit card

I really hope these are put in the collector’s edition.

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I have actually been considering the same and this is as someone who NEVER goes past the base edition, hell i hardly even buy discs, but it was like Red Dead, you can feel the love oozing through the game and i don't mind throwing my cash at that

I want!

Definitely wont regret that



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Thank you Santa <3

If you aren't married and need to go to couples counseling already, then I think its pretty safe to say you should probably get out of the relationship.

I'm also considering it. Last game I bought anything more than the base for was Spore.

Is the sweatshirt a Geralt disguised as Santa on the stuffed unicorn?

let's hope for it and not a cheap plastic like alduin for skyrim .

It's too life like.

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