Winner would obviously get set free

Winner would obviously get set free

So should kids who fortnite dance in public

No. Winner shall live another 4 years and compete again against the fittest champion. Should he succeed, he will live 2.5 more years and compete again in the Battle Royal. Should he win again he will live 1 more year and compete again. So on and so forth.

You're a genius

There is a movie called the condemned with that exact plot

We build the ultimate man weapon

If the winner gets out doesn't that mean the smartest/most dangerous would be released

I think you mean Australia

“They should take all the rapists and all the murderers and put them all together on an island and all the murderers can be raped and all the rapists can be murdered, until you only have either two rapists or you’re down to one raped murderer but who cares about him?”

A war machine you mean

And we still haven’t done it.

They want a battle royal? have at it then!

Fortnite - prison royale

Exactly my point

And furries

Death Race is basically the same concept + cars and Statham

Perfect let's get to it

So youre suggesting Australia 2?

Australia 2 Electric Boogaloo


Or the ultimate KAMOV KA-52 ALLIGATOR weapon...

I don't think the system works.

I've heard of a guy in Russia, who actually wants to do something like this, somewhere in Siberia, as TV show. Everything done off camera will be legal and won't be prosecuted, but if something gets caught on camera you'll have to answer for them after the "show" is over, assuming you survive.

I am not sure if this is true or not, but this was random enough so i thought I'd mention it.

SCUM is a PC game that is literally what this post is asking for. Dope fkn game.

Is it called “The History of Australia”?

Real world is fucked up so storm would glitch and dont stop

The winner would probably kill himself because he knows his fate

Cuz mods are gay

And mods

ÒwÓ y’all gon catch these paws

The British tried that with their prisoners now the island is called Australia

Isn't that some Roblox game?

They would have enough meat to survive on the island

Lmao nigga I got a nerf gun

this actually happened

No, hunger games is always Battle Royal and annual. This model has a 1v1 and bigger breaks.

We must go the extra step and make it a reality

Could you imagine letting the most successfully fucked up person from Death Row back into society alone? That would literally be a travesty of justice

I was a little kid when that movie came out, and I was also a huge WWE fan so when I learned Stone Cold Steve Austin was the main character and talking about his “new action movie” everywhere I was stoked.

I didn’t expect the amount of sheer gore. And violence. I should not have watched that movie.

Don’t you have a dick to dick or something?

Looks like meats back on the menu boys

What do they do when the last inmate gets #1 victory.


Twisted metal!


Isn't that just hunger games?

How are they expected to kill each other when the wildlife does it better


This needs to happen

There is like 20 movies with this same plot lol