Wormlight- The Hero of everyones childhood

Wormlight- The Hero of everyones childhood

And the enemy of AA batteries...

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I must have had it good as a kid, cause I had the screen magnifier mount for GBC with a built in light. That thing was the shit.

I must have had it good as a kid, cause I had the That thing was the shit.

Oh, you didn't have the one with the speakers? 😪

Oh, you didn't have the 😪

and childrens necks everywhere.

When AA Batteries' lifetimes are measured in minutes...

But that ...

Clever children realized that the thing was flexible, so you could adjust it so that it points down at an angle from above the top part of the screen (you know, because all you had to do was get the light to reflect at the complementary angle to your face).

But as children, our arms were weak, so after some time, you can't hold the thing up to your face. Your hands end up resting on a flat surface and you end up haunched over the thing as you walk in little squares around the same goddamn field for an hour trying to catch an Abra.

Kadabra and Haunter...

only child confirmed

source: am only child

lol I had the bloblight

lol I had the

I can attribute most of my neck pain to this. Worth it.

Do NOT use rechargeable batteries on a road trip. I don't care what mom says about saving money, I'm either beating the elite four or pestering her. Her choice.

If you didnt hold the Gameboy up so the headlights of the car behind you would illuminate your screen... You sucked at childhood

It's all fun and games until one of your friends stretches out the coils and it is never the same again. Fuck you, Peter.

"Cool" glowing snake eyes.

Christ even the makers of the thing thought you were a dork if you had one

I remember saving in between random encounters in the grass on Pokémon. And when the batteries finally died I'd swap them with the ones in the remote. Dad always wondered how the remote always needed new batteries.

I have a very distinct memory of beating the Elite Four with the battery power fading during Thanksgiving dinner in 1998 (?). I thought I was so sneaky trying to hide my gameboy pocket under the table.

And when they're all dead you start mismatching and taking one from the remote, one from the CD player, one from the alarm clock...until you find that magical combination of dead batteries that works.

And then the SP had the backlight built in and it was like heaven on earth.

Here's the one I had: the cobra

Here's the one I had:

I had one like this

I had one

An Abra is always one of the first ones I catch. Got that bitch into a kadabra right now, him and haunter are my A-team.

My first thought when my little sister was born: Hello, Alakazam!

Not all of us were that tall :(

Or had busy roads late at night, either.

http://imgur.com/4If0Fp0 did someone say worm lights?

did someone say worm lights?

Don't forget to save your game after each one in case it would shut down!

And then the TV remote's not working so your dad peels off the electrical tape holding the batteries in because the cover went missing years ago, finds a Duracell and Energizer battery from 1991 and gets pissed that you stole the remote's batteries, so he beats you to death with a pair of jumper cables.

I can't remember, why the neck pain? Cause you gotta lean for the screen?

You didn't buy rechargables?

My grandpa MADE me get a rechargable pack because he said those things ate through batteries. (He couldn't believe Game Gears sold what they did with how quickly they destroy batteries. What was it? Like 6 AA lasted 3 or 4 hours?)

Unbuckled in the back of a seatless minivan in the early or late hours on a vacation to a place you don't care about. Ahhh. The 90's.

Hey, I didn't do it! :(

lol I always use to swap the batteries on everything. The remotes, the clocks, my sisters casetteplayer or cd player.

And then the Game Boy Advance had the link port rotated 180 degrees, so you needed to wrench the light the other way entirely.

That's a strange name for a sister.

Wow. This is extremely accurate, and is such an extremely specific relic of those times - I'm smiling at the thought of all the other kids who did this as well. :)

The satisfying click of the little circular button that made it bright as day


I never knew this.

I ended up getting an AC adapter for it (Grandpa again. God I miss him...) and I don't think I ever put batteries in it again.

The un-back-lit Gameboys was the reason why I ever bothered to wake up early in the weekends. So I can catch the sun on my systems.

you and your bro had the same dad?

*Turns on gameboy*


Looks like it's gonna be one, then the other.

Plus if you were on batteries on your game gear and plugged in the power adapter, the system reset.

http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/71Y8NJXTQRL._SX385_.gif this thing was so awesome, felt like the future

this thing was so awesome, felt like the future

'cool' glowing snake eyes...


Grandpa's pwning the angels now, my friend.

Am also, can also confirm. When I figured out you had to trade to get some Pokémon I knew I was shit out of luck.

Let's talk about that trading cable.

Gameboy SP ftw.

The Advance SP was the best one they ever made. The built-in rechargeable battery had great battery life. The backlight was amazing. And when you folded it up, it made a practically indestructible brick.

I grew up in metro Atlanta, never had the problem.

I had the same one, and it was amazing!

I let a friend come over one time and play game boys in like 3rd grade. had a fun time, playing Kirby and showing each other's pokedex in Pokémon red. But when he left I noticed he left his game boy, because the back sticker on mine was clean and his was all dirty and in my hands instead of mine. I also noticed my wormy light was missing. I told my mom and she took me to where he lived, in the ghetto ass apartments in town. I knocked on his door and his brother or someone answered and told them I wanted to see the kid, think his name was Juan?

He came to the door and my mom told him to give me my gameboy and games and light back, so he actually went and got them. When he handed them back he had he worn light in his hand all crushed up, and when I got it and saw it it was all straightened out and bunched up. I was so mad at that, that he had no reason to fuck it up like that other than to be an asshole.

This picture reminded me of that story, damn kids and their gameboys

Must be a new creation in the latest generation.

Even short road trips take forever in Atlanta.

I'm not sure how mine was lit but my GOD, it was fucking lit


Reminds me of the horrors of that time. So mom gives the Gameboy to lil brother while I'm away. When I get back the save slot is overwritten with a game that's barely started. Rage ensues. Mom tells me this is a good thing because now I can replay the game!

Always made me wonder if I just should take a shovel and deal with her garden, so she can enjoy doing it again!

My grandma got this for me for my birthday and has never let me forget it. Best gift ever though.

Before that I used passing street lights for vision while in the car.

I'm a dad. I hope my kids are as clever as you.

I have siblings but they didn't play Pokemon...it was worse than being an only child.

The device my Nan now calls every gaming device after.

One not an Xbox one, is a new game boy. Got to love her.

I have the one for gameboy color

I have the one for

Nah see you needed the package deal: rechargeable battery pack, plus light, PLUS magnifying lens for the screen. Made the GBC weight like an extra five pounds but it was all worth it.

Your road trips must not have been very far

Truth is, none of us disliked it, it was all absolutely amazing at the time. The only way to get all that nostalgia out though is to complain about it. =)

Most SPs are actually frontlit. There was a SP revision in 2005 that introduced backlit screens.

Holy shit I had that thing. Me and my brothers dad worked with electronics so he made us a bunch of battery back that used many different batteries so we could play it with using even 2 D batteries. It was the only way the gameboy lasted a car ride.

Except now you walk in little squares around the block trying to catch an Abra.

God I have that too. So many memories of pushing my face right up against the glass cause I wanted to be as close to my Pokémon as possible lol

Me too! It never stuck on quite right lol

One bright side of the game constantly having the save file become corrupted is you learned primitive forms of speed running. I did it so many times I eventually learned to do the flash cave without flash.


link cable


What a fucking bitch

Is was practice for cell phones.


The worm light was the bane of my existence when I was younger, it when I got the magnifier I was in heaven, and the rumble pack too shit was fire.

Remember when flash cave was intimidating and difficult even with flash? Then you remember the elation when you make it through the first time without it, just blindly cycling around.... I remember. Oh boy it was amazing. I loved those games so much. I'd love to see an updated version

Abra was always my go to Pokémon then I would get pissed because you had to trade kadabra to someone so it could evolve to alakazam but none of the fucking kids had that cord or whatever it was called to do it! 💀

Same here, with 8AAs needed to keep well stocked with batteries too.

I always appreciated that he used Zelda as an example and not Pokemon. Link's Awakening was a damn good game.

That's Link's Awakening, after you rescue Bow-Wow and he eats the flowers in front of the second dungeon!

Most underrated Zelda game ever.

I remember when I was little and first had the game and was so confused because I got my Machoke to lvl 90 and was like, damn when is it bout to evolve!

Fuck I'm glad I'm a little younger than the rest of you. I got the gameboy advance sp backlit the day it came out when I was six years old. I'm so glad I didn't have to put up with all of that shit that you guys did.

You just brought back memories I didn't even realize I had. Whoa. Thank you :)

How do you have almost 11 gameboys?

I remember the hype of the SP. "ITS BACKLIT, GUYS! ITS BACKLIT!!"

Nowadays it's the sun that is the biggest problem. That damn glare...

Kadabra/Alakazam is why the dark and steel types exist and why the special split happened.

That's how you get stuck in an endless loop if you fail to beat any of them. There's only so many times I can lose to Lance without throwing the cartridge into my family's yule log.

It's a robot. The account has no comments or other posts. For six years. This account will be sold to be used to astroturf after it generates enough karma to look legit.

Never had enough money to get the Color so my first gameboy was an SP I found lying in a snowbank when I was in Middle or High school. I played that thing for like a month before finally going to buy a charger for it. Then I left it in my closet for years and when I found it again it still turned on! That battery life was crazy.

haha yes the little right side never stayed on!

Bro do you even grip?

Bro do you even

They probably had to put "cool" in quotes because the glowing snake eyes actually heated up to temperatures that would burn people's skin and they didn't want to get sued.

Not you, Pete. It was that jackass Peter

Do I really need to pull out my gameboy collection? It's almost 11.

what a fucking shitpost

I remember doing that exact thing with that exact game. Nobody is unique D:

Doctor, how do I stop my thumbs from hurting when I have to test my might in Mortal Kombat?

My parents got me one of these and I was set for any road trip.  I just never used the D-pad add-on.

My parents got me one of and I was set for any road trip. I just never used the D-pad add-on.

Your grandpa was a real MVP.

Kadabra was most OP monster in red/blue, damn I loved him.

As a child not understanding birth very well, when my mum told me my little sister is in her tummy I asked her what kind of witchery does she use to get the baby out / can I learn how to perform such magic

That is absolutely beautiful.

too bad it ghosts like a bastard. The best GBA is the DS Lite

Yup. The light hits at an angle and you have to crane your head (or hold the thing awkwardly) in order to avoid the glare and get a clear view.

Kadabra/Alakazam was on all my teams. It was a one shot machine. Insane Sp.Attack and Speed.

You think that was bad, I had a Sega Nomad, I think I got 1 or 2 hours on the same number of batteries. My folks weren't the techiest type and I hadn't learned about rechargables yet, was quite an expensive video game over time.

A family friend gave me a generic AC adaptor that was compatible with it and I think I loved that man more than my dad for awhile.

rich kids smh.... jk

and in complementary color to my gameboy!, i miss you so!. electronics boutique in the UK was the place back in the day.