Yo dog I heard you like recursion.

I have only seen raw power like this once before

With great power comes great responsibility.

amazon jeff bezos

amazon jeff bezos

That thing on the bottom right...

Geoff* ikr

Im the bottom one...

Im the bottom one...


I mEeT cHuCkY tHe DoLl

So what are you doing before that?

Oh you know just hanging around


Lol it’s 5 AM rn as I’m reading this

Called Steelers fans gay once and lost 93 karma

Called Steelers fans gay once and lost 93 karma

Called you gay and gained 93 karma

Guys this is stolen from /sub/dankmemes

So as we would say there REEEEEEEEE

This is why I trust Squidward. Minding his own damn business when nothing real is going on.

The stadium hosting the Superbowl posted this on twitter

The stadium hosting the Superbowl posted this on twitter

There isn't enough bamboozle insurance in the world.

did actually make a change this time? the one time we needed change?

sweet victory intensifies

Im just gonna grab on right here and ride this post to the top of all.


i'm tired of drake

i'm tired of drake

A principal seldom discussed amongst netizens is Mematic Darwinism. The immense scale of the internet renders artificial selections of memes improbable. As seen in the taxonomic rank, the culture of memes can be classified accurately and evolves consistently over time. In this case, the rate of evolution amongst memes is more rapid by several orders of magnitude.

Early memes can be defined by origin and medium. For a relatively recent example, the viral nature of the numa numa dance spread in 2004 launched by Newgrounds fits the video format and was kept relative every time an individual mimicked the dance and facial expression of Brolsma. However, as time went on, the relevance was eclipsed by other videos gone viral. There was no deliberate attempt to end the meme but as internet culture grew the meme lost the interest of netizens. Other videos of the time attempted to gain notoriety but if they were not fit they would die, sometimes immediately upon birth.

Other times, like the Galopagos Finch, memes would evolve along parallel lines to fit the purpose of what the memer tried to express. The 2010-2011 era of memes introduced the formats now seen in AdviceAnimals. An obvious example is the douchebag meme genus and the offspring douchebag girl species. While these formats of memes lost popularity around 2012, they still survive in areas of the web such as the aforementioned AdviceAnimals. These memes are not artificially kept alive.

It appears that the complexity of memes is directly linked to its simplicity as the more simple the meme is the more it can apply to a variety of situations. Rickrolling survives as it can be presented at any link at any time. The broken arms meme spawned by an iama is kept alive as it is simply text of a rather harmless nature and can be discussed any time a mother but brought up or teenage sexual frustration. Justaposing this to he somewhat similar coconutting meme of 2017, while it fit the purpose of teenage sexual frustration, it quickly died out because it was limited to a specific produce and had less innocent nature. Frankly, it got played out as it was quite juvenile and just plain nasty.

Now, as far as the Drake Meme goes, it is a timeless classic. Drake himself has been in the public spotlight since his days on Degrassi in 2001. 17 years later he it's still releasing dank music. I personally speculate that if he disappears from the public spotlight for any reason, including self imposed exile, scandal, or death, the meme will lose all relevance. The Jaden Smith memes lost relevance as he is no longer in the public spotlight. People forgot. Nobody decided to kill the meme. The Kevin Spacey memes of assault allegations and "choose to live my life as an [x]" died as people soon forgot about him when he stopped showing up in the media. Nobody intentionally killed the meme. The extremely popular "Who killed Hannibal?" meme lost relevance as the Eric Andre Show has not been on in over two years and there is nothing keeping it alive. The internet continues to spin new memes in his absence.

Until then, Drake's meme is here to stay. BikiniBottomTwitter, PrequelMemes, and several others can create variations, but they will be limited to their respective niche internet cultures. Nobody can replace the Drake Meme on a large scale. Only Drake himself can kill it. Unless somebody kills Drake himself first.

Way too many word bro

Why waste time say lot word when few word do trick


I felt like this was pretty relevant

I felt like this was pretty relevant

Old news, it's past 10 million now

Jesus, it was at like 7 million yesterday

I did, but only because this is her pictured.

Who else read the no you an’t in Sandy’s voice

If Harambe taught a philosophy class

If Harambe taught a philosophy class

Achkyually doodle bob had rectangle pants and spongebob had rectangular prism pants

We just call it a box

Spongebob Rectangular-PrismPants doesn’t really roll off the tongue as well.

So wise

I just had to sneeze okay

I just had to sneeze okay

When ghetto bitches yell at you, and all you can think is "lol this is the peak of your life"

"I dunno, shit's not labelled."

"Oooh Lil boy you best not be looking at me."

We are the same age what the fuck

Exactly this!

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