Grëgory, possessor of the deer

Grëgory, possessor of the deer

When you find an op weapon early game in darksouls


There was nothing left. No cavalry coming to save the day. No light at the end of this looming, massive darkness. This was how I would go; a handful of goons getting the jump on me. I let my head fall and stared down at my feet. Then I heard it.

I looked over, a stag had run over to us from out of the woods. I couldn't believe it. I looked back over at these foes, they looked rapidly between one another, panic in their eyes. Then, I did what I do best, what my father and I had trained to do for all those years. What I was born to do.

I grabbed the deer by the ankles and started wildly flailing it around, immediately hitting one of the men in the face and sending him backward. The deer's ankles broke after a few rotations, and that was when I could really start whipping it around with force.

I am Grëgory, and if they survive this, they will live with regret for all their remaining days.


The Four Riders of Apocalypse

The Four Riders of Apocalypse

the fourth one looks cool as shit

It’s someone’s Halloween costume they posted this year, specifically referencing this sub.

Choose your class: Heavy, Berserker, Paladin, Assassin

The first Rider's (KoneHed) attacks are predictable but if he hits you, you're as good as dead. He also has a lot of HP. This is the first Rider you will fight, when you kill him he drops:

Stop Sign of Doom: A powerful weapon that stuns the enemy for 3 seconds.

Traffic Helm: +5 defense against vehicle enemies.

The second Rider (Cœñë) has long range and extreme speed, his cone armor is indestructible so don't attack him head on. His weakpoint is his back, which is unprotected. Strike his weakpoint for massive damage. This is the second rider you will encounter. When he dies he drops:

Cone Helmet of Riding: Protects the head from any physical attack but dramatically reduces mobility.

Rider Knuckles: Gives the user long range (extremely long range) attacks.

The third Rider (Trafficus) is similar to KoneHed, except his attacks are way faster and harder to predict, fortunately his attacks don't do near as much damage as KoneHed's and he is also has less HP. His drops are:

Green Cone of Protection: Magic attacks cost less mana and you heal overtime when using this item.

Traffic Warhammer: Creates a massive shockwave that deals a lot of damage to the enemy. Normal attacks also slow down the opponent.

And last but not least, the fourth Rider (Haalte). This rider has the lowest HP and attack damage but it's still a force to be wrecking with, it fires stunning rays from it's eyes, it can become invisible for short periods of time and it can teleport. When it dies it gives you:

Helmet of the ran over: Gives you the ability to fire stunning rays and becoming invisible. It's glowing eyes reduce your stealth though.

Sign of Teleportation: Gives you the ability to teleport short distances without having to waste mana.


Near the end of the game all of them are resurrected and you have to fight them all at once.

(Yes I just wasted my time writing a full overview on them)





the scream n scratcher craver of more snacc

the scream n scratcher craver of more snacc

Bring me nutriens, foolish human, or I will banish you to the Realm of Darkness

He needs his lööps


West Virginiaaaa!

Jesuliath , the holy goliath of stone

Jesuliath , the holy goliath of stone

why his name sound like a sneeze

boutta get clapped by the manos de dios

Because this boss is nothing to sneeze at

Mod here, if the post is that old then more than likely it hasn't been seen by most of this subs users. Im typically against reposts but I believe this one can stay, even if you're right.

Gore-Tex Golem, Guardian of the Frozen Realms (Resistant to all frost damage)

Gore-Tex Golem, Guardian of the Frozen Realms (Resistant to all frost damage)

He also has the passive ability “man’s not hot”, which makes him immune to heat rays.

That's how you beat him.

He too has the peaceful quality “man’ not sultry”, which sorts him condition to modify nonparticulate radiations.

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What if you hit his legs?

Titania - Crusader of Cleavage

Titania - Crusader of Cleavage

Swaggersouls gf confirmed


I'd let her plunder my holy land.

Pretty sure that is Heyimbee in Swaggers helmet

Coniferus, Guardian of the North Realm

So this is the rare moment a Canadian starts his chrysalis stage.

for a terrifying moment i thought it was a shredder...

The Forest Titan of the darkwoods

A canadian goes through metamorphosis to become a big foot

Thündera, the dark enemy of the Weather Master

Thündera, the dark enemy of the Weather Master

oh fuck is that real?

That eye must have been added in post. Nevertheless I'll fight this dude in rubber clothing any day.

Happy cake day :)

Somebody call The SCP Foundation.

Big Dick, he whose name must not be spoken

Big Dick, he whose name must not be spoken

But they’d just call him big

So that's how I can finally be called big

SPECIAL ABILITY: Anti-Scan Equation

If any party member attempts to use Security Scan to examine BD's health and/or equipment, BD will break reality by ripping his now-visible health bar out of midair and bashing the attacker for massive damage.

He's right behind you, DON'T LOOK!

HїndɛиBøūrg - The Apocazeppelin

Ancient Sumerian cuneiform writings discovered near modern-day Iraq baffled 20th century scholars with the following, unexplained passage:

"Fear the pillar of light. That which spins in the sky and sends forth wave after wave aflame. The temples of man lay waste before the fury that knows no object... The king of kings of sky will return."

It was once believed that this text was a surviving fragment of a lost epic that was a companion piece to the Epic of Gilgsmesh. Recent developments in Europe and widespread-but-yet-unconfirmed sightings of the Apocazeppelin have begun to suggest otherwise.


In HїndɛиBøūrg I take refuge; How can you say to my soul, "Flee as a bird to your mountain; For, behold, the wicked bend the bow, They make ready their arrow upon the string To shoot in darkness at the upright in heart. If the good foundations are destroyed, What can the righteous do?"

HїndɛиBøūrg is in His holy tempest, His throne is above: His eyes behold, His eyelids test, the children of men; And the one who loves violence His soul hates. Upon the wicked He will rain deadly snares; Fire and brimstone and burning wind will be their only apportionment. For The Apocazeppelin is righteous, He loves righteousness; The upright will behold His holy fire.

I love how the player instinctively walks back a few steps.

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