Lodge under the Canadian Rockies

Lodge under the Canadian Rockies

Emerald Lake lodge? Beautiful.

Hi used to work at the sister hotel of this lodge .

1st things first. This lodge is bleeding lots of money from the company. Last summer we were constantly sending 2-3 housekeepers per day and a maintenance guy and a couple of f&b (front and back of the house) to keep it afloat. The staff accoms has it's own economy going where people will sell/loan/barter all kinds of things. We have a saying in the company that no one can out party the employees of ELL.

The nearest town to the lodge is Field, Bc (the nearest city with groceries is golden, bc w/c is about 45mins drive)

For electricity they have their own generator and boiler for heat. That means if something breaks then the lodge has no electricity or heat (they have fireplaces in the rooms; there was a couple of times last winter when the staff had to be moved to the lodges due to no heat in the staff accoms, which is a couple of minutes walk from the lodge). They "have" a 24/7 maintenance guy (usually the maintenance manager from the lake louise property).

This lodge is open year round (aside from the usual 2-3weeks shutdown for renos/maintenance) and has great scenery; you can even go skiing at the avalanche area right across the lodge.

Beautiful place but the turnover rate of non-management workers there is waaaaaaay higher even compared to banff/lake louise. And the company doesn't support it's employees for applying lmia or for open work permit in canada. They tried to increase the salary to $16/hr this year but i doubt it will attract more applicants.

Tldr: scenic place but not ideal for working for most people.

Yea dude never seen it at night

To be honest I admire pictures like these because the human eye could never see this beauty at night

I see these types of lodges crop up now and then on my feed. Aside from the fact that they are super comfy looking, can someone explain how these far out buildings are powered? Pardon me if this sounds stupid, but does the electricity company have lines running through such remote places?

I hope this belongs here, my parents' house in which I decorated for Christmas. Hedmark, Norway.

I hope this belongs here, my parents' house in which I decorated for Christmas. Hedmark, Norway.

I hear Canada is similar to Norway in terms of climate and nature. Would love to go there some time!

Norway is absolutely charming. You did a fantastic job decorating!

Could be a street here in my town in Alberta, Canada :) pretty

Looks great, how do they drive though? Have they just not cleared the road yet and it’s fresh snow or do people just drive over that really slowly?

This storybook brick house

This storybook brick house

This is my neighborhood! The South End in Boston. This little guy is a very interesting relic, given that the South End is almost entirely brick townhouses. Very cozy indeed — can’t tell if it’s a private residence of its own or if it belongs to the building it’s connected to. Unique either way.

Where was this taken? The door bottom floor is blocked by a clay planter, so is the main entrance up the stairway? Is the upstairs door big enough as an entryway? Cool place.

Looks like a firehouse for one fire engine!

Someone here on Reddit posted some history about this place a while ago. Unfortunately i can't remember. Hopefully they will see and post it.

Maybe it used to be a newspaper office or Firehouse ... Again i can't remember

Cozy bedroom

Cozy bedroom

Those candles on the bed are giving me anxiety

lol OP is really living up to their username

Wake up. Hit head on ceiling. Knock candles over on bed, start small fire. Try to get out of bed, Ikea floor mat slips out from underneath me. Grab closest thing I can, burlap bag with a tree. Tree falls over. Use bed to pull myself up, get splinters from old pallet "frame" Bedroom on fire. Splinters in Hand. Head injury from falling.


Pallets? Not bad, my nephew once used a bunch of buckets lol.

Cozy with a magnificent view

Cozy with a magnificent view

I'm leaning towards North Renderland.

That fire place is awesome!



No cell phones or tablets, just good company

No cell phones or tablets, just good company

I'd put money on this photo being taken with a phone.

and a television

*uses cell phone to take pic, and no one present in "good company"

you'd be wrong. this image looks like it was generated by a mediocre deep learning algorithm that has only recently learned "cozy" and "vomit inducing filters"

Just finished building my bed frame, thought it would fit in this sub nicely!

Just finished building my bed frame, thought it would fit in this sub nicely!

Dog probably thinks you killed some other dog to make that blanket, and it's keeping him in line, otherwise he might become a blanket too.

I would cuddle that dog so hard

Good luck. He’s not much of a cuddler unfortunately :/

I don’t know how you have two of these things.

This tiny house

This tiny house

Cosy, AND the design solves the stairs problem. Nice.

i need it

I always think I’d be happier if this was my life

I don’t think I would be able to relax on that “couch” but maybe the living area is behind the stairs? Still looks cozy tho!

I like to think my 26ft travel trailer I full time in is quite cozy!

I like to think my 26ft travel trailer I full time in is quite cozy!

What do you do for a living?

Livin' the dream ;)

I work in the pipeline industry in northern Alberta.

Canada 👍🏻

Bricks, wood, candles and rain.

Bricks, wood, candles and rain.

I always thought about places like this to "escape" from my daily activies...

By the way, this isn't a picture, it is 3D, just for information.

Really? Even looking closely I can't tell. That's pretty amazing.

There are many spots that gave it away, but the most "obvious" are:


The chevron floor is too perfect. There no variation distance between planks, and reflection are behaving almost the same, even having different kind of wood.

But the most perceptive clue is the arches above the door/wall. They used the same texture.


These kind of thing are natural in our creations, we can really improve every aspect in the scenes but there is no need to do it, and there is deadlines to deliver our job done. And by the way, generally only us artists realize these things xD

This is so incredible, however, I think I would only enjoy it at night or in rainy/cloudy weather like this.

Direct sunlight would be miserably bright, and in the dead of summer this would probably let an incredible amount of heat in...

Still awesome.

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