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I use them (and they definitely work) and i still have to perform emergency stops when people cut me up on roundabouts anyway.

I use them when there's no other cars on the road. I've even found myself unnecessarily using them on sharp ~90° bends

"Why is this trucker driving on the grass?"

"Why is this trucker driving on the grass?"

Great job from the truck driver, though.

Could have killed car driver, flipped truck, all sorts of bad outcomes. None of these happened. Awesome driving!

That’s what kept the truck level. Acted as a pendulum

The size of balls on this guy!!

I really don’t know how people can be this oblivious holy fuck


99% are in their own small bubble while in a car.

The A pillar is the column between the front windshield and the door window, if you didn’t know. And in some cars it definitely is a visibility issue. Doesn’t excuse what he did though.

Dude literally had no idea why his window was getting smashed

Easy pass

Easy pass

The best part is that these road ragers are now stuck staring at each other for the foreseeable future, realizing just how stupid they both are.

I would love to see the security footage of this because how this happened with all the cement walls around is mind blowing.

People like this only get more loud and obnoxious - feeling stupid isn't a feeling they have any concept of.

Car, uh, finds a way

Idiot in a car becomes an idiot on a longboard

He is not good at longboarding. However I suspect it's hard to do on drugs

This guy is like a posterchild for meth

I'm guessing a car thief stole someone's car, took it for a joyride, crashed it, and tried to escape.


Happy cake day. :-)

What the hell is going on?

Why even buy an SUV if you're not gonna drive over stuff.

Why even buy an SUV if you're not gonna drive over stuff.

“I’ve made a huge mistake.” - That lady, probably

At least she's got the snorkel package. You know, for all those times you have to drive through 5 feet of water on your way to work.

“I am invisible in my suv, just stay inside” The driver

It took big balls to do that.

Attempting to put gas in a Tesla

Attempting to put gas in a Tesla

I can understand not knowing about cars but if you drive a Tesla and don’t know what makes a Tesla a Tesla... you probably shouldn’t be driving a Tesla.

I wonder if she doesn't own it, but her boss asked her to gas it up or something as a prank.

A reverse prank because she could fuck up and pour gas all over the wrong place

Boss: hey, Tina, would you take my car to the station and fill it up for me?

Speaks for itself rip

Speaks for itself rip

He's building a sick ramp for an epic car jump!

I remember one time my wife and I went to Wal Mart and we were getting in the car to leave. Saw a worker going to the cart corral to get the carts, and some jackass decide to literally park their car right in front of the corral. Worker looked at it, and saw us and he just sighed. We felt bad for that guy.

See you in March asshole

If only you had shown the owner walking out

I think I can make it

I think I can make it

That car just continued driving as if nothing happened


I would have done the same thing. The driver probably thinks it was his fault.

Well... I mean... He did make it...

Idiot going way too fast around motorcycles

He is not “too fast around motorcycles” – he just drives like an asshole.

The little clap like “yeeeh”

I agree; but I disliked the original implication that motorcycles are somehow precious and fragile and innocent Snowflakes.

Give them a wide berth, show that you understand they are at greater risk, trust that they know what they’re doing, and everybody will be fine.

This guy shouldn’t be driving like that no matter who is next to him.

He definitely drove too fast around the motorcyclist. Scooterist was not in harms way but the cammer on the bike (which funny enough is a BMW like the cop) was at risk.

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