Don’t let your rights be taken by a bunch of billionaires with overstuffed pockets

Don’t let your rights be taken by a bunch of billionaires with overstuffed pockets

I'm into Comrade Pusheen

Salvo after salvo have been repeatedly and systematically thrown at the workers and yet we still don't do what France is doing right now.

This warfare is real. How do we fight for real? How do we get people to wake up and band together in a meaningful, effective way that says we won't tolerate this abuse one second longer?

I love the memes, and I do what I can, but I'd really like to see those people in authority scared that there will be consequences for not acceeding to our collective will.

'There's class warfare, all right, but it's my class, the rich class, that's making war, and we're winning.' - Warren Buffett

Pusheen for a better society



Also a global extinction event!

Were so damn entitled...

Considering that the police outright murdered entire groups of people in the past, it isn’t. However saying “oh yeah well things used to be worse” is not a valid criticism. Because even if someone was complaining during the Great Depression someone could say “well it was worse in the Dark Ages.” And someone in the Dark Ages would say “well it was worse when Rome was falling” or etc.

It’s just another way of denigrating millennials to avoid thinking about the serious problems of capitalism, climate change, and corruption.

Edit: auto correct is trash this commodity fetishism isn’t even that good!

I agree with the message, but I think police brutality is not exactly at its worst. Correct me if I'm wrong though...

It's just another means of dividing workers.

Marxism intensifying...

Marxism intensifying...

The problem is, nobody in the USA wants to risk being the first and standing alone.

We are so divided that we have no faith or unity in our fellow countrymen.

cops shoot people who obey commands, imagine what a cop would do in a france-like riot

Macron's plan to placate the yellow vests included a 100 euro per month minimum wage hike — equivalent to $114 per month — set to go into effect on Jan. 1, 2019. He paired the raise with the elimination of tax on overtime and end-of-the-year bonuses, and he encouraged employers "who can" to give bonuses as a way of helping to solve the social crisis in France. He also rescinded a planned tax on pensions that are under 2,000 euro per month... Macron cancelled the fuel tax last week hoping it would appease protesters and put an end to the rioting and looting in many cities.

I don't disagree, it'd be war. Real war.

Movies and video games don't touch on how fucking sick and depraved that shit is, they gloss over it.

It‘s communism!!

It‘s communism!!

Which is hilarious, because I work in a public library, and I would say the majority of our patrons are right-leaning. Especially the ones that come to use the computers because they don't have their own at home. Sounds a lot like they're relying on the welfare state that they rally so hard against. Then again, we should be used to hypocrisy from the right by now.

I say we rebrand Socialism as "Library Economics"

I would argue it's not. It's public money subsidising business. Who benefits from an educated work force, who benefits from the military/rebuilding contracts, who benefits from the extraction of stolen resources in puppet states?

That's why they get away with it, and yet we can't get socialized medicine. The mechanism is social, but it ends with a benefit to the market. So workers get to reap the public benefits, and in exchange the capitalists get to extract more value from their toil.

These sorts of systems are also good examples of why democratic socialism may be insufficient long-term. The nature of capitalism is to corrupt any system in its favor, so that the capitalists benefit disproportionately more than the workers.

Now that wasn't very cash money of them

Now that wasn't very cash money of them

Except it didn't :/ It carefully avoided the ask for a better democracy, and clearly says that they won't change the political direction the slightest.

The fight is not over !

Wage hikes are a good start, but I hope they riot until they can abolish wages entirely.

He actually moved an already planned wage hike that was planned for later this year forward in time, and it won't change a thing for lower classes. It he's not playing fair game and hoping for people to eat it up.

I’d call Macron a weasel, but I like mustelids too much to insult them.

United States of Apathetic Regionalists

United States of Apathetic Regionalists

what the fuck is wrong with people who make these comments in this sub, honestly. do you know where you are

They’re the flag of Brittany or Breizh, whose language and culture are being systematically erased by the French government

Thanks! Celtic heritage getting erased by colonialist governments, there's something I've never seen before /s

Surprising (to me, at least), but, Chris Hedges and Noam Chomsky both have discussed that we’ve protested more in the 21st Century than we ever did during the ‘radical’ 1960s.

The Iraq war protests were the largest in history (Guinness Book, 2004), and the occupy protests were also historic in size and scope, not to mention the unrest in American cities over police conduct, and environmental protests such as Standing Rock, SD.

They point to the brutal efficiency of the modern police state in shutting down protesters, the new crowd-suppression technologies, along with aggressive laws that can destroy an average citizen’s life for participating in the most benign civil disobedience.

Interesting fact: CS gas, AKA “tear gas,” is designed to make even the most peaceful crowd appear to be an out-of-control riot within seconds.

Fire the canisters, turn on the video, and let the goons wade in with batons swinging. Saving us from ourselves, one concussion at a time.

More telling is the lack of significant coverage by the state media and corporate propaganda machine we know affectionately as main stream media. They simply don’t provide coverage to protests, except as spectacle.

The Paris protests (covered as the Paris riots) are a perfect example — anemic coverage of the motivations of protesters (“fuel tax hike”) and sensationalized coverage of the “rioters,” with little attention paid to the jack-booted soldiers of the global oligarchy both literally and figuratively kicking the citizenry’s collective teeth down their throats.

Not disagreeing at all with the point of the post — but I’m not sure if any action short of insurrection will cure what ails us at this point— and make no mistake, they are armed and ready and eager to engage.

The American way or the French way?

The American way or the French way?

Honestly, I'm kinda excited to see what it'll take for Americans to get to "fix it or die" levels of anger.

To give birth cost thousands over there. If you're fine with that, you can't be saved.

The fact is that in the system that we currently live in; the working class have to remain there for the big wigs to be on top. If we don't have a working class, who will scrub the shit out of the toilets for next to no fucking money? If you can manipulate an entire nation into thinking that protesting for your rights is wrong, then they have literally mastered a way to control the lower classes. It's a shame that it has to come to street based violence just to feel like their voice matters.

Fuck capitalism.

We're not fine with that, which is why so many of us have been pushing for universal health care for so long. But the pharmaceutical industry has a lot of money and unfortunately our political system allows them to buy the legislation they want.

Enough said.

Enough said.

Blaming millennials? For what, not being aborted? All we did was go to school and try to get a job and it’s some how our fault? We aren’t even in power, how can we be blame for anything? Just one more example of boomers shrugging responsibility for their lack of empathy and accountability.

And they won’t fucking retire. There are guys in my office over 70 with their subordinates in their 50s who have subordinates in their 30s. Nobody can move up into the higher paying roles.

millennials did kill the marmalade industry tho

They cant afford to retire either.

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