Well that escalated quickly

Well that escalated quickly

Well the sand lacked many people that were strong enough to take the title, plus really the sand siblings were already Jonin consider they could do a B-Rank missions and Gaara didn't get a scratch on it. Their ranking in part 1 never truly expressed their strength and it was more likely the team was purposely held back as genin.

Plus, if I’m interpreting it right, a person who has a familial connection to a past Kazekage has at the very least a better chance of receiving the title.

In between the arcs he also lead a team as a chunin/jounin

Gaara Hiden suggests that the Kazekage position is hereditary, or at least that relatives of the Fourth Kazekage are most suitable for the position; this lineage is referred to as the "Kazekage Clan".

Uzumaki Naruto by [David Freeman].

Uzumaki Naruto by [David Freeman].

Why is this so satisfying

Because of the shading. Fucking outstanding shading.

David’s cross-hatching is something else, always amazed to see his work

Fierce as hell

Naruto vs Sasuke !

Naruto vs Sasuke !
Naruto vs Sasuke !

Please Give Credit To The Original Artist It's By David Freeman


People are just telling you to just practice and draw as much, which there is truth, but it can be intimidating to start and sometimes people just need a tiny direction.

Do you have paper and some type of drawing tool? It can be a pencil or pen, pencil preferred. Can you draw a line? Good! Is it straight? No worries. You will find out there aren't a lot of straight lines in nature! Can you draw a perfect circle? No need! Same thing with lines. You can draw without being able to make "perfect lines". On top of that... that isn't the secret to drawing. The secret to drawing is learning how to see.

Most people let their brain fill in the blank. You are looking at a rose you want to draw. You put your pencil on the paper to begin. You look at the rose and then down at your paper. You begin dragging your hand across the page and you leave a steady line of graphite on white. You then look up, see another line the rose has and continue. You make another line, you know there is a crease here. You know there is a thorn there. Wait... have you noticed? You haven't looked up at the rose for a while. Wait, have you actually looked at the rose? Really studied it with your eye?

When you learn how to draw, you aren't learning how to make a perfect line (that is only for those who want to master drawing). When you learn to draw, you are learning to see. See the world in a different way, like a musician sees the world in a series of tones beautifully arranged or a physicist seeing objects accelerating and zipping and zagging.

I recommend Drawing On the Right Side of the Brain. It is a beautiful book which focuses on seeing the world instead of making you worry about the technicalities (though there is plenty). And is an awesome video of the making of a portrait of a lady. I never tried Vitruvian Studios and I wouldn't bother until you read the book (and did the practice) I recommended.

Hey? Don't be intimidated by the final product and how beautiful it turns out. Look at the process. Look at those imperfect lines creating an imperfectly perfect portrait.

Good luck! I am sure you will make beautiful art!

Honestly this is so beautiful and inspiring. I want to be as great as you someday. 😊👍

Easily the coolest pajamas I own!

Easily the coolest pajamas I own!

get off this sub fast lol

Danzo is that you?

I’m only on like episode 14 of shippuden :( who is danzo?

And stay the FUCK away from /sub/dankruto

Naruto and Sasuke Vs madara and Obito

Naruto and Sasuke Vs madara and Obito

I love this movie lol

Why are the borders bigger than the fucking video lmao

Don't be a menace to South Central while drinking your juice in the hood.

The last bit with sakura and her byakugou seal though!😂😂😂😂

Madara's life was hard lmao

Madara's life was hard lmao

Lmao this was the exact face too.

This is awesome!! The best edit for this pic so far 😂

After all, Pikachu is lightning nature

Rip Madara

Sasuke Uchiha 👌

Sasuke Uchiha 👌

this looks amazing!

Looked like Ryuko from kill la kill for a second there haha

The flyest guy in all of shonen

Dope, I like the detail on his hair, kinda like how it is now as oppose to his younger days

Something I drew

Something I drew

Hmmm, could've sworn I saw something similar before.

What reference did you use for this, OP?

I heard this theory recently of Kakashi being related to the second Hokage and I feel like that would've made Obito and Kakashi's rivalry seem more authentic

Find the ultimate ninja storm player

I mean, wouldn't that make him releated to the 1st Hokage as well?

What is your favorite moment?

What is your favorite moment?
What is your favorite moment?

I just read from left to right like an idiot.

When people are protecting someone truly precious to them... they truly can become as strong as they must be!

they truly can become as strong as they must be!

Mine is Minato slamming the rasengan on Obito using the flying raijin

DIY own shoes

DIY if you’re incredibly talented haha

Exactly, if I tried that it would look like a child stole the shoes and started doodling lmao

You could make a killing selling these.

I feel like this isnt a DIY and more of a way to how amazing you are!

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