Oh man

Oh man

This speaks volumes for me.


Me: I think I can see my goals in the distant horizon...

Universe: Really? Be a shame...if a little...epilepsy derailed you!

Guide: Were doomed, man! Let's jump ship! Every man for himself!

Love it! By the way anyone notice the person in the back grabbing their boob?

Me sending you all love and light 💗

Me sending you all love and light 💗

literally though 😂

I receive your love and light and send mine in return to you and anyone who needs it. You all have my positive vibes whenever you need some strength to face and overcome whatever is hurting you. ❤️

Radiating it from me, here out to you wherever you are ❤️

Mines is usually feels yellow, not bright like the sun but a warm yellow glow. If that makes sense.

Probably what they say about me...

Probably what they say about me...

Me too! 😂

Love this lmfao bet our guides are laughing at this meme too

Is ... is that a gnome? If so I demand my team of guides to all be Gnomes in the next lifetime xD

I have a gnome collection.

Phenomenal 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

I am new to recognizing spirit in my mortal being but i am certainly seeing signs.

I am new to recognizing spirit in my mortal being but i am certainly seeing signs.

This morning I came into the family room and saw 3 coins on the floor. Of course hub dropped them out of his pockets, but I picked them up and put them in a coin jar, thanking my mom for the change.

THEN when I got dressed this morning, my top seemed kind of tight. I debated changing but hey.. it's on and off I go to walk the dog.

Cont... As I walk the dog, I feel a thwoop on my left boob. A Raven crapped on my top. After calling the bird a PR**k, I went home and changed my shirt, thanking whatever spirit that decided my top was too tight today.

What a greatful way to start my day.

How My Gifts First Revealed Themselves

How My Gifts First Revealed Themselves

I'm an eternal seeker, so maybe someday I can piece together why my latest gifts revealed themselves to me in my 45th? year of this life; versus, say, years and years earlier. I'll always remember sitting on my bench, under my favorite tree, meditating. It was 5am-ish, pitch dark out, and I began wondering how my friend's daughter was doing. Suddenly, I could feel the energy in my heart shift, as if I was connected to her, and feeling what she was feeling.

At this point I was a Reiki Master for about 15 years, but I never experienced anything like this, anything "from a distance." I was in northeast USA, and she was way down south. But having given Reiki to hundreds of people already, I knew what my energy felt like, and I knew when I was experiencing someone else's energy. This seemed just too trippy to be real. I wasn't even trying for or seeking this.

Next day, I told my friend what I felt, what I experienced, and she told me that her daughter had woken up, in the early morning, at 5:30am, suddenly and out-of-character for her, and "having odd feelings."

I might have brushed it off as coincidence, had my intentional, follow-up attempts not worked. But all my future attempts did work, and I put everything into developing my new gifts, while doing my best to keep the rest of my life as balanced and "normal" as possible. Now, in what seems like a flash, my latest gifts have developed into being able to exorcise entities from a distance. And as an eternal seeker, I'm always wondering, "Wow! What could be next?!"

( this more Psychic or Paranormal?)

How My Gifts First Revealed Themselves


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