Picking up a fight

Picking up a fight

Good thing he got that drink off his face. Lol

This must be where that old adage comes from:

Liquor before beer, you're in the clear.

Beer before a chair to the face, you're bleeding all over the place.

No shit. Dude is wondering if anyone knows why they're fighting.

Reddit sometimes figures out things like that. There is no point of downvoting him, and giving a dumbass answer.

Anyone know whats happening?

Found on r/funny, titled "Watch the towel drop in slow motion"

Found on r/funny, titled "Watch the towel drop in slow motion"

I was expecting the other towel and didn’t even notice the one in the background lol

I've been having a bad day, thank you for the laugh.

Oh that towel... Hmm bummer 😒


Drawing a line graph

how I thought psychedelic drugs were going to affect me


Take me ooooonnnnnn.

I’ll be gone!

How to sink a nail with one hit. Original creator: pocket83

How to sink a nail with one hit. Original creator: pocket83

Smithing 100

Just help me lift this wall so we can drive this nail

That blood blister is on his right hand, which looks to be his dominant judging by the way he is using it to hammer (hold the nail with the left and the hammer with the right). So he may have gotten it from doing something else, such as achdentaly dropping a board on it. Just some speculation 🤷‍♂️

Maybe not so experienced, isn’t that a blood blister on his finger? Evidence of it being smashed?

Happy accident at a proposal

Kudos to the photographer friend who must have known but kept both secrets.

Unfortunately they both declined

Jinks! You owe me a wedding!

neat. that dress has pockets and you can't even tell.

Shadows on a Russian road

I thought that was just a trolling loop at first

Apparently the "open road" means something different in Russia.

Well you should have been watching the fucken road.

That sinkhole on the left was.... foreshadowing.

How may I help you?

How may I help you?
How may I help you?

PTSD is a hell of a drug!

Why was everything so precariously balanced

The next day the motherfucker was dead

He ded

That’s a ring girl not an actual fighter

ha shows how much I know! or don't know rather!

Shocking twist. There is no man. This woman is holding the phone herself

Billiards trick shot

Thanks kitty

That’s it. I’m opening up a dive bar full of pool tables and adorable cats trained to add an extra element to the game. But what do I call it?

Pool Purrfected


Pool Cue-ties

The Whiskered Billiard

Sign inside: No Betting Only Petting

This Rubik's Cube.

This Rubik's Cube.

I was hoping it would walk into place next to the other cubes.

Does it just undo the moves before? Or does it solve it by making other moves?

The easy way for the program is to undo, but if it's a good program then it's solve itself using the most effective way. You can actually find both, this one solves itself using the fredrich's method I belive, might be wrong tho.

Not this cube, he's a rebel.

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