Ants colonized my mouse after one day of missing work

Ants colonized my mouse after one day of missing work

You gotta burn the mouse now

Stop using your mouse while eating/drinking sugary stuff.

I think it's safe to say that you should probably purchase a new mouse

I threw it in a ziplock, we called the exterminator, he sprayed the hell out of my office and the bag. Buncha dead ants but the mouse will be burned and get a proper send off to Valhalla.

I hate when people park like this.

I hate when people park like this.

They're taking up less space.

I thought it was a batmobile from thumbnail image

Is this what cars do when they are tired?

why do I feel like this is in philly.

Legs? Nah, fuck it.

Legs? Nah, fuck it.

Don't make fun of a guy who just miraculously got out of a wheelchair.

He looks like two midgets stacked om top of eachother

another shot of his legs

he just has skinny calves.

I feel like people who don't train physically have no appreciation for how much something like calves can vary purely based on genetics. Some powerlifters have relatively normal looking calves, yet pull over 500lbs for a joke. Meanwhile some dudes who have never hit the gym in their life look like they have thicc af calves.

-sincerely, gym-goer and rugby player with baby gazelle calfs

A guy at JFK was caught trying to smuggle 70 finches inside hair rollers in a duffel bag

A guy at JFK was caught trying to smuggle 70 finches inside hair rollers in a duffel bag

T-shirt cannon and a 70 finch clip

This happens a lot, it seems. I remember reading a story about a guy smuggling parakeets that were strapped to his legs. Yes, Australians, it was a case of a literal budgie smuggler. (For the rest of you, that's a slang term for Speedos)

What is the 'normal' way to transport 70 finches?

that is so sad :(

IED harvesting season

This is a training area. These are instructors cleaning up a classroom.


No EOD tech would be doing this in the wild. The threat of pressure plates, and anti-handling devices would be too great.

"it's not stressful, either I'm right or suddenly it's not my problem anymore"

It seems there should be a safer way to accomplish this. Just sayin.

This gets posted every now and then. These are actually fake IEDS used for training purposes and this is how they get removed, or that's what I remember atleast.

Does this belong here

Does this belong here

"Oh shhheeeiiitttt! I shouldnt a woke him up!"

He stopped at the stop sign AND used his blinker! 10/10 better than any NYC driver.

I love how it takes him like 6 mishaps in to realize that 😂

Or super cross faded on weed and alcohol or benzos or one of the z drugs or barbiturates or anti psychotics like seroquel or narcolepsy or hypoglycaemia or a head injury or literally a hundred other things that can cause drowsiness and reduced consciousness you cannot definitely tell from a video

Weird baby goat 🐐

Weird baby goat 🐐


Was half expecting it to attack

That has to be a taxidermied goat. It seems creepy because its front legs are straight so it looks like a more human body position.


What kind of mod's training is this?

What kind of mod's training is this?

Fuck is that? A Grindr meat and greet?

When you want everyone to know you’re hardcore Vegan

Probably the ones for /sub/motorcycles

Heh. Meat



chew 5 gum they said...

Pretty sure that’s an alien trying to blend in. Poor effort, but it proves they’re here.

What sex is that human candle?

Take acid in a third world country, what could possibly go wrong? 4 hours later...

Mind if i park my house here?

Mind if i park my house here?

best cgi I've ever seen.

Correct. This article contains the photo before the house was added:

when she says her parents aren't home but you dont want to leave the house

Our house In the middle of the street

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