There's a bear at the front door

Naples, Florida? Guessing it expected a zoo but weird

At least he rang.

The bear looked so guilty at the first "bear" from the intercom. Why does the bear understand English?

Awwww. Poor bear! He just wanted some honey.

Dude sitting a lobby gets attacked by a snake

Dude got some iron balls for keeping his cool !!!

Snakes will avoid you unless you owe them a lot of money

I wouldn't believe it if I didn't just watch the video. Most snake species will go out of their way to avoid people, but this one was rambunctious


And it just keeps getting worse

And it just keeps getting worse

Who is the bigger piece of shit? The dude who puts his family on a bike without helmets, or the dude who drives off after fucking over a family on a bike.

I think the car is the ultimate asshole here by doing a very dickish illegal maneuver, and then just driving away after too.

Set it free.

Some say it’s still driving itself to this day

Never give up.... I guess

This made me cringe so hard

Story of my life.

Good payoff 👍🏼

If anyone wants to know that's Mad Skills BMX 2 from turborilla, really a damn fun addicting game.

When you want to impress the neighbors with your modern solutions, but then become known as the guy who destroyed a Jeep at the push of a button.

When you want to impress the neighbors with your modern solutions, but then become known as the guy who destroyed a Jeep at the push of a button.


I think in another post it stated that the underground unit electrical shorted out because of flooding and this is the result.

Yeah, I couldn't imagine such a fancy, expensive solution to car parking not having some sort of sensor to prevent this.

Strangely pleb level cars for such a extravagant installation. Stock looking 2 door Wrangler and a Legacy sedan

Tattoo reveal

And this is why you resesrch your artist lads

It's fake. No blood, no irritation, no raised skin it's not a real tattoo


Agreed. I don't think I've ever seen a brand new tattoo that didn't have some redness around it.

Don't want to get wet


I laughed and then felt bad for laughing.

That driver knew what he was doing

Was that car on the sidewalk? It really doesn't look like the road where they were driving. Poor kid.


Why they being mean

Way to embolden them. What a straight up shit move.

Do you want the guillotine? Because this is how you bring back the guillotine.

Good thing they were filming themselves filming this shot. 👌🏼

“It didn’t look that deep, honestly”

“It didn’t look that deep, honestly”

Woah is there a person in that

Then brain dead idiots walk up to the edge to look down.

How humanity survived this long is a miracle.

These potholes are becoming more of a problem

And it's not even close to Sinkhole del Mayo.

Tiger Knee

A mma fighter is born.

That's what they get for being so dumb, and recording it.

Actually that was a good hit! Note the hair bun!

No, you can see her try to turn her head away (natural reaction to seeing a knee coming at your face) and she still gets hit. You can see the impact jarr her head.

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