He done played himself

He done played himself

This is my rationale for why I drink too much


Maybe you should cross post it there


Always test the water before swimming

Honestly though: crocodiles and alligators are the scariest creatures on the planet... Think about it. It's proven that sharks, while terrifying, normally take a bite then leave mistaking you for a seal. But these Crocs and Gators get just as big and don't care what you taste like, they will east you whole.

I'm never leaving my house again.



So that’s what happens to my resumes

Feels like I'm at work. /sub/bettereveryloop

More like a resume for dude perfect!


The only proper way to get rid of Word documents.

An equal and opposite reaction

I was in the parking lot when this happened. The company I used to work for had a shop in the same building, and we shared a parking lot with these guys. They were a bunch of jabronis.


That vehicle was built to drive into and withstand a tornado, clearly no match for a baseball bat.

He realised that,after he hit himself....

Going for a celebration knee slide at the end of a race.

Going for a celebration knee slide at the end of a race.

Tries to make country proud

Puts two national flags in the mud

Broken knee caps are temporary. Glory is forever.

A "W" is a "W". Face plants aren't on the Stat sheet

The banner holder on the right is the best. "I should keep hold... eh I guess that's good enough"

Wake up.

Wake up.

I see problems in this relationship

And now you have a shit stain on your passenger seat.

Did that once and the wife wasn’t pleased. Solid couple years to mention the “incident” and get a chuckle from her.

Do this to me and we fightin

Failed attempt to protest by blocking traffic with bikes.

Failed attempt to protest by blocking traffic with bikes.

He’s got a schedule to keep bruh


When they are not already 30 min late

Where those eBikes? Flaming wreckage, damn!!

Third wheel

Stables of the rich and famous?

It's a showroom for high-end horses not a normal stable.

This is Heilan Equestrian Club. Owned by the 50th richest man in China. He has more than 500 horses.

high-end horses

Wow. What a concept.

I hope they get along...

I hope they get along...

What if it was the same apartment...

Plot twist

My Finnish friend who visited the US said "America is a country of opposing viewpoints and lifestyles. There's no way that could work in Finland, but it seems to work there". This was 1999.

Do I smell a sitcom?

In theory it was flawless

In theory it was flawless

I just noticed the dog lol


how that girl at the end just plops down is hilarious

"hey Sanka... You dead?"

"Yah, Mon."

So many wedgies

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