181219 TIME: BTS's Jung Kook's Power Walk Could Be Your New Favorite Meme

181219 TIME: BTS's Jung Kook's Power Walk Could Be Your New Favorite Meme

First, Time Magazine had an article about how BTS are leaders in their field, and the accomplishments they've accumulated that have changed the nature of how kpop is consumed in the US. An insightful article, exactly what you'd expect from a very reputable news source.

Now, Time Magazine has an article solely about a brief moment during a Korean award show, JungKook's walk. Not even the fact that they won Artist of the Year, or their emotional speech revealing their near-disbandment. Just his viral walk.

The duality of Time Magazine....

I have this feeling that members of the US media world are slowly becoming ARMY and I am *loving* it. Like, we have infiltrated the big names, people, it's happening! (Or, you know, they've figured out they get their organizations major clicks and are all in, which might be more likely. But I like my version better!)


ETA: Goes off to watch it for the NINTY MILLONETH TIME.

You hit the nail on the head without realizing it. Media companies care about being viral and getting the most clicks on their articles. In the news world this is called currency/timeliness, which translates to creating news that has the sole purpose of creating a viral sensation out of something (think funny videos you sometimes see on news segments like Chewbacca mask lady, cute animals, children doing silly things.) In addition, it’s better to put out less and receive more. An article about the boys speech and award would be too lengthy and need additional coverage of how it is important in S.Korea. But JK sexy-walking down a stage in a meme format? That’s like cocaine to a media outlet.

Omg they have the McDonald’s and Lion King meme (among others) embedded in their article 😂😂😂

181217 Jimmy Fallon talks about BTS on Instagram Live

181217 Jimmy Fallon talks about BTS on Instagram Live

I wasn't expecting him to mention MAMA lol

Looks like he's really keeping up with them. I hope they can come back on his show when they're in the US again.

Wow, I wasn’t expecting this. The way he’s encouraging people to go watch them live as if it’s so easy to wake up and decide to go to a BTS concert is so cute. We are losing him to the rabbit hole aren’t we? He seems to be becoming army slowly but surely.

And here I was, doubting him after he didn't wish Jimin a happy birthday. I still rewatch their interview sometimes, if only to see Yoongi's shy little Grammy?

I made RJ for my math art assignment

I made RJ for my math art assignment

If you insist :3

OP drop the equations!!

You know that face and sound Jimin did when he saw Namjoon's UN speech? That's what I just did.

Yes, it took me around 3-4 hours total i would say. It’s one of the assignments I genuinely enjoyed doing because i was making RJ haha.

New Jungkook Meme Goes Viral on Army Twt

New Jungkook Meme Goes Viral on Army Twt

Gained 4+ million views in less than 24 hours.

This is just a taste of what's been going on today:

julius caesar walking into the senate not knowing that brutus is about to betray him

me walking up to the mcdonald’s counter when my order number is called

me walking into a test I didn’t study for, ready to fail

me walking past everyone in the 2 km long merch line at my LY concert in my tour hoodie and tshir...

Martin Luther walking up to the All Saints Church door in Wittenburg, Germany to nail his 95 thes...

Me walking out of finals knowing the only thing I’m getting correct is my name

me walking to the fridge to take the meat out 10 minutes before mom arrives

Christopher Columbus landing in the Americas and calling it India knowing full well he sailed in ...

the winning sperm swimming up to the egg it’s abt to fertilize

Armys coming on twitter knowing that everyone hates us

Me walking into the grocery store with no kids.

Yeontan on his way to pee on yoongi's beanie

angel gabriel on his way to tell mary that’s she’s pregnant with baby jesus even though she’s a v...

jungkook on his way to the hope world studio to swiper swipe hoseok's $70K watch before seokjin does

This meme and the "jk yeets his tears" meme has killed me over the last day or so 😂😂😂

I'm not on Twitter but already knew what clip it was going to be because I saw it on Tumblr with the caption "white cells on their way to fight off infection" and the microbiology graduate in me nearly choked lmao

Army has had a very emotionally confusing 24 hours lmao

I love how specific the Martin Luther one is lmao

181216 JK RM & Steve Aoki

181216 JK RM & Steve Aoki

Love the extra third of Jungkook's face we get to see LOL

Here's Steve Aoki's tweet as well!

What if they met up cause Steve is producing something for JK’s mixtape? 😱

I like that this is a supportive and lasting relationship with Aoki, he seems like a really nice person.

I can’t explain how much I loathe Jungkooks pants, lol.

181216 RM

181216 RM

“Hello!The weather is really cold. Be careful to not catch a cold” - RM

Aww..His nose is all cute and red from the cold

Joonie 🥺🥰

Trans from wisha:

RM: Hello. The weather is really cold. Be careful so as not to get sick! (finger heart)

I'll be sure not to catch a cold joon 😔

..... I say as I'm suffering in this hot and humid southern hemisphere summer

Something about winter Joonie with his red nose and visible breath is so unbearably cute

181216 [BANGTAN BOMB] 'IDOL' 1st Win Behind - BTS (방탄소년단)

181216 [BANGTAN BOMB] 'IDOL' 1st Win Behind - BTS (방탄소년단)

“Samulnori (Korean traditional percussion music) was so fun! Should we do this for the end-of-the-year award shows?” - Hobi

Few months later @ MMAs...

ah yes, fake love era bangtan bombs are now done, now onto idol era!

Encore stage

Lol I remember laughing my ass off at Jin spinning hard with the hat unaware that Jungkook took the ribbon with him. So Jin was spinning aimlessly with a ribbon-less hat 🤣🤣🤣

2:48 mark lol

I will miss fake love's era styling.

181216 RM

181216 RM

1 thing you can always count on is RM rec'ing Younha

Younha's Snail Mail

Hahahaha I feel like RM-Younha is a lowkey JK-IU xD

Went and listened and thank you Joon for recommending this beautiful song. The lyrics got me all emotional again though. This is all a little bittersweet

181216 RM is the most prestigious award Tiger JK received this year...

181216 RM is the most prestigious award Tiger JK received this year...

Related: Tae, Hobi and jk's reaction to seeing Joon on the big screen 😂😂

Gosh this is so sweet. I love their relationship.

lol it kills me that his facial expression when he realises the camera's caught him, is the EXACT same as his expression after he's broken his sunglasses - the 'oops' is real.

Fanboy mode Joon is the cutest, also Tiger JK is a legend and it makes me so happy to see their relationship.

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