An amazing backflip in slow motion

I was literally watching like “how in the fuck does that thing hold?”

And then it didn’t

I’m just glad he didn’t land on his head/neck

Sometimes it really be like dat

I read that as "blackflip".


Thought it was a pun.

I was wrong.

When your mom tells you to do that "little dance" you like in front of company

When your mom tells you to do that "little dance" you like in front of company

Old black lady watching “go head now baby!”

"Don't be shy, you got this!"

Whole family got you in a circle...all that pressure

Start requesting dances you too young to know

What the Avengers trailer should have been

The Professor Xavier dancing hard asf off his wheelchair made me laugh out loud

No more disability cheques for Xavier.


The best part of all of King Vader's videos are how the bad guys continue to bob to the music with fear in their eyes when they get caught off guard by the good guys. Cracks me up every time.

Surprising her boyfriend at his graduation

"Yeah yeah, the pic looks good."

"Bruh, look closer."

"Yeah, looks fine. Thanks."

"Motherfucker, let me zoom in."

She is so cute back there, waiting for him to realize!

Love what i assume is the proud father here as well. So much love in this family

Married her two seconds later and bought a Mustang at 22% APR.

Wheelie Superstar

That was my number one goal as a kid. Be able to ride a wheelie that long. I'm actually envious.

It still is mine as a grown man, and I've ridden over 1000 miles on a bike since August. I really just need to go to a grass field and practice.

The biggest thing I noticed is that those kids bikes don't even have a rear hand brake that you can feather which most people rely on for long wheelies.

Little brat. 😡

This kid is so cool

Up until his skull smacks the concrete.

Put a fucking helmet on your kids!

What a tosser

I wanna get paid doing what the guy on the left is doing

He’s dog ass tired from doing the mixing. You don’t want any part of that shit. Concrete work of any kind is terrible.

Roofing and concrete / paving are the worst jobs you can do.

Used to pour foundations, sidewalks, and driveways. I did not envy the brick and roofing guys. Concrete work made me go back and graduate high school after I dropped out for a year.

Is it just me? Or is that small patch bothering anyone else ?

Wide Neck dude is living up to his meme and made a video with that Thin Neck kid. We live in the age of memes.

The 50s got the future completely wrong.

This is two dudes cashing in on people making fun of their appearance on the internet. Only respect for the guys from where I'm sitting. Took something that would've had most crying and hiding under their covers and turned it into a win. Fucking brilliant.

This cured racism

Is this reality.... What did I just watch

Didn’t see that coming.

People say James Harden doesn’t try on defence... they are right

„If u gonna play like that, them i‘m gonna do this“

This is the funniest NBA gif I've ever seen. Everything is just so perfectly odd about it

This was a good thing. Harden stripped the ball from DeRozan to prevent an easy basket. Harden being bumped by DeRozan opened up an easy opportunity for DeRozan to score, since he essentially beat his defender. Harden timed his steal right as DeRozan was going up to score.

Even if it went out of bounds and DeRozan and his team retained possession, the Rockets can now have five players on defense instead of the one James Harden. DeRozan vs Harden on a fastbreak, which is was what you're seeing here, would almost always go DeRozan's way. And vice versa if Harden was on the fastbreak and DeRozan was the only defender.

This was incredibly clever by Harden.

This little boy is cancer free, so it's time for dad and boy to celebrate!

Hit me in the feels as soon as lil man smiled.

That’s Kenny Clutch from Jersey! Such an incredible dad, man, teacher, and person. Check out his studio Level Dance Complex if you’re in philly

He really is a good dancer. He is raising his sick kid which was probably in the hospital endlessly. Leading to many nights sleeping in a chair next to a beeping machine. His dad never lost hope. This is amazing. Even in the dad's darkest days he was still there. So if he can handle that. Dance your fucking ass off. Forget the haters.

When pops kissed his cheek... pure magic

Only in New York

Does he ever actually get a piece?!


Should have YouTube'd carving a turkey...

Needs a sharp knife :|

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