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Unfinished business

Unfinished business

And then he has 1000 places to see before he dies. More shit on the site.

And then he has 1000 video games to play

And then 1000 food to try after that.

I got a toy truck

I got a toy truck

If that Bunny has any brains, he'll figure out how to do a Trojan Chocolate Pony complete with armed killer Peeps inside.

You're good at this, FergusCragson. Maybe a little too good.

containment team dispatched

This reminds me of some of the best Calvin and Hobbes strips. I'm not sure I have higher praise to offer.

You're too kind, letransient. I don't think higher praise exists!



More sad skeletons on my Instagram and website.

Aww, poor skeleton :(

damn that hurts

Nice detail that it's sleeping during the day.

Sir Bakewell's Honour [OC]

Sir Bakewell's Honour [OC]

That's excellent work for pun joke.

Thanks! I feel like I frequently go much further than I need for such terrible puns.

I must make a confection... I love this

I love the eyes. He’s clearly well baked himself.

just get down here

just get down here

Those are clearly threeks.

Is an icepick a onek?

Oh, that’s cute.


Top Post Of All Time! Thank You!! Please Be Gentle With My Corpse.

Top Post Of All Time! Thank You!! Please Be Gentle With My Corpse.

This was a mistake.

These comics are kind of the equivalent of ppl who make a random funny comment and then have to keep talking about it like

Edit: wow ok so this blew up. rip my inbox. Edit: wtf this is my top comment now?? Uhhh thanks guys. Edit: gold?? Really reddit? Edit: ok ok i get it, you can stop upvoting this. But thanks guys this seriously made my day.

I don't want the comic to be a liar so we should all downvote and comment hateful things.

we’re all responsible

I'll... come back later

I'll... come back later

This place is getting too meta for me.

And if the 1 million subscriber comics have taught us anything it’s that in-jokes about the sub are un-funny.

I’m prepared to die on this hill.

I see what you're doing here. I will upvote you not because you say it, but because I want.

Things are getting heated in the webcomics fandom

I'll die with you.



The sword for Kuzco, the sword chosen especially to kill Kuzco, Kuzco's sword. That sword?

Is that speech bubble covering his ding dong?

Damn it Kronk!

His chicken nuggets

One Million Subscriber Celebration: A special comic from Clams on the Side

One Million Subscriber Celebration: A special comic from Clams on the Side

This is sad. On YouTube you get some ad revenue, but on Reddit you only get fame on a subreddit that just passed 1 million subscribers, and some might be inactive or bots. It does hurt. Good comic anyway!

Also on Instagram @clamsontheside :)


I look out the windows every morning, but it is too cold to use them right now:| Much too cold. So I hibernate more, awaiting the day when the warmth returns.

Thank you :)

Computer, Do The Thing!

Computer, Do The Thing!

Human, configure the settings in your software so that it behaves the way you’d like it to.


I relate to thing.

Funny, totally true story about personal comedic thing relating to thing

Human, search the internet for a solution so that this doesn't happen in th-


I am so actually sad this is getting more upvotes than my usual comics.

Try one of these subthreads