Kidney stone removal

So what do we need to do to make sure this never happens to us

Dammit, surely there's another option!

I remember reading from reddit that just drinking water helps...

My penis just retracted after seeing this.

Three different ways to breathe in the animal kingdom.

Three different ways to breathe in the animal kingdom.

...are not fish part of the animal kingdom? or are gills not considered "breathing", per se?

There is an odd phrase jn the bit about human lungs, stating the pressure is always below ambient pressure. That is just obviously untrue, otherwise air would never leave your lungs (it would be like water flowing uphill). It is true that most of the time pressure is lower in the thorax, but they even put a little graphic with the pressure next to the animation of respiration.

I think fish actually have one of the most efficient gas exchange systems because the water containing oxygen flows over blood vessels containing oxygen depleted blood. Since the water and blood are flowing in opposite directions (water enters via the mouth and flows towards the tail and goes out via the gills and blood flows in a tail to mouth direction) that means that there is a constant oxygen concentration gradient between the water and blood (cos blood that gets oxygenated flows past and is replaced by blood that is oxygen depleted) so oxygen will always diffuse into the blood even at low levels because at any point in the fish, the water has higher oxygen content than the blood it’s flowing over.

It's three different ways. Not the three different ways.

Volume of fuel used by a rocket expressed in terms of elephants

The blood spatter is a nice touch. Really brings it home for me.

Somebody took the time to make this. Somebody said "The fuel of the Saturn V should have been measured in elephants, and an animation of the Saturn V launching with elephants falling out and splattering blood all over the launchpad is just the educational tool we need to truly wrap our heads around how much fuel this thing used." That's great.

Elephants “pop” when propulsed at low altitude but not at high altitude?! Something’s whacky about your elephant units.

That's really good visual reference haha

How QR codes work

Can someone make a gif about how to understand this gif? 😅

The three big squares are for the program to figure out "hey, here's the QR code, here's how big it is, and here's which way is up."

The purple dots show you how big the dots are and exactly how the grid lines up.

The very bottom right 4 squares say what kind of data is encoded, in this case it's ascii, as in numbers, letters, and symbols (pretty much what you can make on a standard keyboard without getting fancy).

In ascii, each symbol is encoded as a number from 0 to 127, which in binary takes 8 digits. So each of the 8 square rectangles represents its own number which represents its own symbol.

The other colors say more about the formatting of how the data is organized.

But the important thing is that this entire thing is used to convey the word "Robomatics" and you literally could have just written the word robomatics and achieved the same thing.

Edit: I forgot to mention the "error correction," which it uses to double check it got it right and in some cases even fix it if it misinterpreted a few bits.

This is /sub/restofthefuckingowl material.

Well that’s cleared that up.

Rubbing solid indium and gallium together creates a liquid alloy

You can also do it with Sodium and Potassium. There is one minor catch, which is that if it touches air it will spontaneously combust.

Could you do this with other metals or it won't work the same way?

I'm sure it's fine, and there's tonnes of reasons why it's safe. But I just can't help but think that "highly reactive with water and may catch fire when exposed to air" is a undesirable quality for coolant.

Sodium-potassium alloy

Sodium-potassium alloy, colloquially called NaK (commonly pronounced ), is an alloy of two alkali metals sodium (Na, atomic number 11) and potassium (K, atomic number 19) and which is usually liquid at room temperature. Various commercial grades are available. NaK is highly reactive with water (like its constituent elements) and may catch fire when exposed to air, so must be handled with special precautions.

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Sculpting Freddie Mercury


TIL that Freddy Mercury without hair is actually Nosferatu.

That's impressive if not horrifying.

So you can pick your friends nose.

How video games "trick" you when playing an open world game

Just like in real life.

So the answer to the question:

"If a tree falls in the forest when no-one's there, does it make a sound?"

is actually

"No because the tree's not there either"

It’s not a trick, it’s resource management. Why would you tax your compute resources 4x more than you need to?

Edit: I took “trick” to mean they were tricking the player (in a malicious way), as people have pointed out, that’s not the only interpretation of the word trick. I accept - this can be classified as a trick.

Thanks, now I can't unthink

What must the shape of the ramp’s curve be, such that the ball's descent time is a minimum? Intuition says that it should be a straight line, but the minimum time happens when the ramp curve is the one shown: a cycloid

What must the shape of the ramp’s curve be, such that the ball's descent time is a minimum? Intuition says that it should be a straight line, but the minimum time happens when the ramp curve is the one shown: a cycloid

If you like this, you're going to love this video showing the construction and live demonstration of a cycloid as the the fastest path, also known as a brachistochrone. Fair warning, it's 25 minutes long. Also fair warning, once you start watching Vsauce videos, you will lose 3 - 4 hours easily!

Not at all, intuition says to accelerate the ball ASAP, then convert that to lateral movement.

Adam Savage's video

There's also since it was a collab.

That would be the sixth degree polynomial.

Before the computer graphics, this is how the cartoon animation was done in 1930s

Before the computer graphics, this is how the cartoon animation was done in 1930s

It really makes a lot of the Disney movies seem even that much more impressive.

I’ve actually always wondered how this was done. As a kid (and until today) I thought each frame was a different hand drawing..

Dude. That’s why I hold Who Framed Roger Rabbit in such high regard. Not only was it a logistic miracle everyone of this characters were able to share the same frame, the amount of detail and work per frame is absolutely mind-fucking-boggling.

A good watch that highlights the level of detail and work involved.

This is how Linear Friction welding is done

My teeth when I fall asleep without my mouthguard

I feel like this explains a lot of my coworker relationships

Through pressure and suffering we become one

The biggest benefit from friction welding isn't the fact that it doesn't produce toxic fumes. It's the weight reduction.

Edit: Since you guys hate me for not explaining the weight reduction - weight reduction comes from being able to weld aluminum lithium alloys. A lighter version of aluminum that isn't capable of being welded with a traditional fusion arc weld.

Fortunately, I get my tongue between them and shred it to hamburger when that happens.

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