Facepalm facepalm

Isn’t fashion ironic?

Isn’t fashion ironic?

She's about the only one who seems like she's not a complete and utter narcissist. But yeah, that whole family is Beverly Hills white trash.

The real facepalm is Kendall Jenner calling heavy metal shite, then being pictured wearing a Slayer shirt.


You not seen the pepsi advert?

I think the conversation went "do you want to be in a Pepsi commercial?" "Yes."

Yeah no shit...

Yeah no shit...

Why is 'School Two' so easy? I attended 'School One' and it was pretty hard

Just wait till you see School Three

WNDU is run out of the University of Notre Dame in South Bend, Indiana. home of the Fighting Irish!

Pshhh. Get a load of these guys. I am in School Five.

Wow... just wow...

Wow... just wow...

As someone who moved to New Mexico from another state, this is surprisingly common. Just last week a county clerk in Washington DC denied a marriage license to a New Mexico resident because "We don't recognize Driver's Licenses from another country as valid ID." She was backed up by not one but two supervisors.

Same thing when the Olympics were here in Atlanta. Lots of stories about people from New Mexico being told they have to get tickets through the local consulate in their country

Remember when Homer was surprised there was a New Mexico?

Remember when that was satire?

I heard about this story! It blows my mind

So Wisconsin's Governor Doesn't know how to use a Ven Diagram

So Wisconsin's Governor Doesn't know how to use a Ven Diagram

And he's been so smart about everything else. How could this be?


Here is a question for Gov. Walker, if nothing is changing, then what does the new legislation do? Nothing? Why pass bills that do nothing?

People please consult any 5th grader before making any posters please.

Choose your player!

Choose your player!
Choose your player!


My boy ranibow sprimkle

I need Spinch's stats

Stock photos

Stock photos

My question is how did the Twitter OP find the stock photo?

If you don’t look at stock photos of sharks for entertainment then you need to leave now

Well, that tears it! I refuse to watch anymore films that aren’t 100% authentic! I mean, I want real bullets, real explosions, and most importantly, real fucking sharks! I just dug through my Blu-ray collection and pitched Jaws straight into the garbage! Fake sharks = BULLSHIT!

They also hired an actor to play Aquaman, fucking dceu, they suck at continuity. Probably didn't even film underwater.

Seriously, slow down..

Seriously, slow down..

Eating wood can cause birth defects. But only in babies.

Are we just not accepting this as anything but fake? Really can’t imagine Sonic telling someone to “slow the fuck down”

I dont even think Wendy's twitter would go that far..

I have a hard time believing Sonic would say "slow the fuck down", and that wouldn't be the focus of the story.



Pulled a Naked Gun, eh? Congratulations

I would have jumped out the nearest window. Changed my name... grew a beard...moved to El Paso..

Good joke but not real so not a facepalm

Facepalm aplause

Double facepalm

Double facepalm

CNN is always doing this stuff. I remember back in 2013 they did the same thing! With the same host! Wearing the same clothes! Even the exact same image!

I don't know the tweeter and don't particularly care about the massive geography error. But...

42 people killed by giant hornets?!?!

That's fucking terrifying.

edit: Ok I get it, this guy was Hercules and some other shit. Some other comments were helpful enough to point this out.

But even still, the only Hercules I remember is Kevin Sorbo.

...Best Hercules.

edit2: Ok, old dude played Hades.

I'm also not impressed by the lack of respect for Kevin Sorbo that I'm witnessing right now.

Wow, it even was the same date!

I'm sure James Woods was making a joke about the fact that CNN was saying Hong Kong was in Brazil.

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