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[misc] Cheeseburger

[misc] Cheeseburger

Thats just too big!

Nobody could bite this thing.

processed cheese?

That's what she said! Bahaha...

[I Ate] Honey Garlic Butter Roasted Carrots

[I Ate] Honey Garlic Butter Roasted Carrots

Welp! At least you found the recipe though, so that’s pretty cool.

I think once you cover them in honey and butter you have pretty well taken them out of the healthy food category entirely. Still better than sausages I guess.

I have never downvoted a post after upvoting the comment...until today.

Oh man this needs a NSFW tag, I’m drooling! Looks amazing OP

[Homemade] Bibimbap

[Homemade] Bibimbap

This is my favorite dish ever. 😋 I love it with tons of kimchi

It's not hard. The vegetable are easy to prepare and you dont have to make everything that is in the recipe. I just used what I could find at the local grocery store. You can use as many or as few varieties of vegetables as you like. There is no rule to making bibimbap. Give it a try.

I wish I could make this. It seems so intimidating

Is this an attempt to spin "all Asians look alike" into a racist food version

Delicious. [I ate]

Delicious. [I ate]

Man that looks amazing, that is some soft bread and thicc sausage

And they're terrifying

Ugh, we get it. You got your nails done.

Yes officer this comment right here.

[Homemade] Sichuan Wontons

[Homemade] Sichuan Wontons

Based off this but tweaked it to my liking.

Found the sauce to be even tastier the next day!

Edit: to everyone that’s asking for the recipe... it’s linked up top. And HERE

but just to be safe here it is again

Edit edit: oh and here try this one


Tai hao la.

Looks amazing. I want to make these and sub shrimp for pork. What do you think?

[i ate] a lobster risotto

[i ate] a lobster risotto

I’m a simple girl, I see butter poached lobster, I disrobe.

I'm a simple man, I eat ass

Imma a simple man, I see a comment about a disrobing girl and I upvote

I’m a simple robe, I see a man upvoting a girl disrobing, I tie my sash

[Homemade] Chicken Strips

[Homemade] Chicken Strips


Please share the recipe! I need this in my life.

Flour. $2.

Nope, no corn flakes. Just good ole flower.

[Homemade] Assorted Macarons

[Homemade] Assorted Macarons

Some of my favorite flavors: matcha, Thai tea, black sesame, passion fruit, cranberry, and ube. Lol there are inconsistencies, but eh, gave them away for free so those people can't complain 😂.

Thanks so much! I use the French method. 45 g egg whites, 45 g granulated sugar, 50g powdered sugar, and 55 g almond flour. About 20 min at 305F in my oven, though you probably know all ovens are different. Makes a dozen decent sized ones. I filled most of these with a ganache of sorts. 70g white chocolate + 30g cream mixture or fruit puree.

Wow. I love the color streaks on them. Really makes them unique

Omg so pretty!! And they look perfect. Macarons are so hit or miss for me. Do you have a specific recipe you follow?

[Homemade] Strawberry Rose Crepe Cake

[Homemade] Strawberry Rose Crepe Cake

Stunning! This is a fun way of putting together a crepe cake, I've never seen one look like a rose. I love it.

Recipe please

Rie McClenny

No! It must remain a secret!

Don’t tell her!

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