Funny funny

She thought he was rapping

She thought he was rapping

She even gives a little clap when he’s done

More proof that rap is just talking really fast.

Can confirm, have no rhythm.

Auctioneers are the best rappers.



Is this what sperm feel like when they’re trapped in a condom?

I’m not one to kink shame, but this is weird. Lol

Made me laugh out loud

Step 2. Wait

Wait, why was the tree necessary again?

Anyone else have trouble getting their cats to pose for their Christmas card?

Anyone else have trouble getting their cats to pose for their Christmas card?

Genuinely thought this was Prince William and Kate for a moment.

Even better.

Photoshop motion blur filter at work. At least make an effort and use the path blur with rear sync setting as this is a studio shot.

You must be fun at parties.

You recording? Alright watch this.

Do you have a source? I’d love to see it.

Das a win ya?

I love the look on the white cat's face. "Son of a bitch"

Damn Ellen, you cold.

Damn Ellen, you cold.

Smart girl, just noped

Just left her hanging.

Ohh...Portia might not like that...okay, good

Not her type

It’s Friday - are you a beer?

It’s Friday - are you a beer?

kavanaugh had a tough week huh.

I like beer!!

Terry Crews must be preserved

Terry Crews must be preserved

The world needs more Terry Crewses

What do you mean "we"? This is all on you.

You know what they say once you go black you gonna need a wheelchair

Preserved how? Like cryogenically? Should we pickle him? Maybe salt?

This weird tomato plant

This weird tomato plant

Interesting. Now that this plant is completely legal in Canada, the humour of this meme has lost it's edginess.

If someone in Canada saw this, they might say: "Oh, well clearly you planted the wrong kind of seed. Here, let me give you the proper seed for a tomato plant. Honest mistake."

I wish Canadian legislators had considered the effect of their legislation on harmless memes before rushing this legislation through.

That is one healthy and beautiful tomato plant!

That’s cause those are the tops of carrots

Will always work as a meme here in the UK.

*rolls away*

*rolls away*

And somehow it gains enough kinetic force to end 3 desk away

in the words of the immortal Rowan Atkinson;

'Life without you, is like a broken pencil........ pointless"

Teacher: Quit making noise!

will never understand how

Transparent decision

Transparent decision

The clear choice in the end

With transparent pricing


Clearly, you saw right through that one.

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