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Spray in TF2, when you walk closer, the medic changes into a spy

Spray in TF2, when you walk closer, the medic changes into a spy

I had some fun with morphing sprays.

Camped a entire game in 2Fort on a backburner pyro in some corner and put a spray close by so I just was right outside of their field of view.

Naturally the spray was some big titty anime girl and changed into a big red arrow pointed where I was.

I used to have one that was a crouching blue scout that would disappear when you got closer

on 2fort i woild place it on the sniper nest and it would disappear if you zoomed with scope to it

thanks fpsbanana!

that texture hack was awesome.

"how could this happen" sandwich spray was prelevant when I still played.

i too made a custom titty spray that would disappear when you came close, making people try to find the sweet spot between texture compression kicking in and transparency.

Usualy I would sit around nearby with the unlimited cloaking watch like a spidercrab waiting for prey.

But when I play medic the heavy will turn into the spy and 2 shot me

The screws inside the PS4

The screws inside the PS4

yeah I heard those were a bit buggy

Not as cool as the first batch of ps4's attracting cockroaches for some reason

Not all of them to be fair, just the important ones for a hard drive repair.

Source: having pulled apart the entire PS4 to fix a disk ejection issue.

Did you fix the issue? Mine keeps spitting discs out.

When you choose same day shipping and it's 11:59pm

Don't accept the delivery bro that shit is definitely damaged

R-r-r-r-re- post!


Still looks incredibly good despite being 4or 5 years old

Obisidian has my full attention

Don’t over hype this game. Only moderate hype I want to see it beautiful and fun. Giving obsidian the want to make more games of the same genre

Mine too. I'm pretty much done with Bethesda as devs, so I'm super excited for Outer Worlds.

Me too bud if this comes out as 76 dollars It will be hilarious.

The first time seeing this trailer I described it kinda as Fallout meets Futurama.

It’s like it never broke

It’s like it never broke

still gained a level in lockpicking for free

You just tipped the ballance my friend

That to

Better than the usual 5 gold you find in the chest.

check yourself before you shrek yourself

check yourself before you shrek yourself

This is the perfect male body. You may not like it but this is what peak performance looks like.

Ironically, he’s both the easiest opponent and the hardest opponent.

If you played the Wii Sports games, you know what I mean.

I had a score of idk, 1k in both boxing and the sword fight game from Sports redorts, I grinded for this

You never trust an autosave

You never trust an autosave

I literally always manually save, merely for the fact that I like to choose to start from a point I know I stopped and saved, not somewhere I was mid-run with half reloaded weapons.

Exactly why I also manually save

well that auto save could be replaced by another autosave later on, maybe after something I did not want to happened did, and then I would not be able to load the save I wanted.

Better save than sorry

Where it all started

Where it all started

And only one of those games are for big not pubg! Musical chairs

I went to a summer camp in high school a few times. They always played musical chairs, but chairs were people. Needless to say, things could get heated if 2 guys were left and the chair was an attractive female, or vise-versa.


The best part of musical chairs were the fist fights

Apparently Elon also plays Smash.

Apparently Elon also plays Smash.

Elon Musk is a man of culture if he mains Zero Suit.



If this was smash 4 I would’ve called him a disgusting metamancer

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