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Blatant racism never ceases to catch me off guard

Blatant racism never ceases to catch me off guard

These dumb “please like and share!” Posts make me cringe so hard lmao

“Not like the last gorilla” That’s, linguistically, implying that Melania is a gorilla...isn’t it?

EDIT: semantically

I get sick of seeing posts on Facebook talking about how graceful and elegant she is and how she brought class back to the White House. Like, first of all, she’s posed nude and married a rich dude to gain citizenship. How is that classy? Second of all, Michelle is beautiful, classy and most of all, she’s intelligent and kind. I use to feel sorry for Melania, because I thought being a FLOTUS was something she never planned for or wanted and she was probably bullied by her own husband, because she seemed so timid, but when she pulled that shit with the “I don’t really care, do you?” jacket, I lost all respect for her. She’s just as vile as he is.

"Please clap"

No weirdos please. 😂

No weirdos please. 😂

Plays 'Piano Man' intro repeatedly.

Is she offering money, though?

I think it has to be free, but with the caveat that you can't get turned on because that would be weird. It has to be a joke or they're anti-vax


Found this gem recently

Found this gem recently

Do these cretins ever stop and think...

'why is it that since we stopped vaccinating our kids, ancient diseases that were once eradicated are coming back?'.

... And not connect the dots?

Cognitive dissonance, that’s why.

Edit: Cognitive dissonance may not be the most appropriate term to use here. Confirmation bias and Dunning-Kruger might be more applicable terms here.

If we had the technology I'd love to send all the anti vax lunatics back in time. How about Europe in 1348? Let them see the utter chaos and devastation brought on by the lack of modern medicine. Would it wake them up? Some of these people are so delusional I doubt even that would work.

Now I have a mental image of an antivaxxer running after the corpse wagon on its way to the mass grave for plague victims screaming “you just need to give them some essential oils!!”

Hey look free pets!

Hey look free pets!

No steal the Cobra chickens.

Image you get arrested and put in the cage and you look over and there's just a angry ass goose

If you have the balls to try and catch one of those demons you should get to keep it

Some people in this sub have a poor sense of humour.

Soda Hats

Soda Hats

"The Black and camouflage outfits represents the aura of the devil that we must shoo away". Isn't that a tad insensitive to the large guests you're making wear the costumes? What a crazy bitch lol

Polygraph party? Seriously??

"Certified spiritual healer"... Playing pretty fast and loose with the word ,"certified" aren't we?

Would love to see the look on her face when she inevitably gets either a load of false positives or a load of false negatives.

You know who you are

You know who you are

That's so fucking funny to me

I honestly cannot wrap my head around why people care about shit like this

“Jesus is the reason for the season” is apparently trademarked by the Salvation Army. Honestly just a random fact.

I'm not even a Christian, but I could see myself leaving this comment while cackling to myself at 3:00 in the morning

Encouraging transphobic hate crimes? Sure sounds insane to me.

Encouraging transphobic hate crimes? Sure sounds insane to me.

So the man who wrote this is saying he'd walk into a women's bathroom and commit an unprovoked act of extreme violence in front of members of his family and anyone else who happens to be in there?

Yes. Living in NC, where the bathroom bill is a thing, I, a women, would tell them, men, women don’t care if a trans woman wants to pee with us. But they’re convinced it’s a way for men to get into our bathrooms to rape their wife and daughters. I can only assume they’re projecting.

These people leave me a no-situation scenario, as a trans man.

I can either go walk into the women's bathroom because I have a vagina, but they'll beat me up because they will see a man and think I am a "deviant trans woman."

But I can't use the men's bathroom, because I was born with a vagina.

And that is why so many trans men and women try their best to never use a public bathroom.

He's projecting, all right. He's remembering from his hormonal pubescence where he dreamed of sneaking into the girls' bathroom or locker room and seeing things he wanted to see. Now he assumes that anybody he deems to be male is up to something nefarious, when anybody who walks into a bathroom really just wants to pee.

Yes actually that is how it works...

Yes actually that is how it works...

Does this person think white people came from North America? Haha

Can't wait till someone tells him about South Africa.

Bro, my Indian ancestors came to south africa around 1860. There were so many occasions when black people passed remarks like, "Indians should go back to India", like us Indian people have a closet like in Narnia where we can go between India and S.A. when we feel like. Turns out, a lot of people genuinely didn't know that South African Indians have lived in S.A. for the passed 150 years, and just assumed we arrived like 5 years ago. One of my black friends was like, " Nah, if a civil war happens in S.A., you can go back to India and everything will be normal". Nope. Will an African American be okay to go live in Kenya? Ghana? Zimbabwe?

Someone should tell Canadian isn't an ethnicity.

This is just... Weird

This is just... Weird

Aw come on, this is definitely a joke, and it's honestly hilarious.

I could make a religion out of this.

You don't think that making your friends pass around your deceased head on a stick in order to talk is at least a little bit funny? Or at least meant to be funny? It's just absurdist humor.

It was even posted on /sub/whitepeopletwitter it’s a joke about elementary where you had to hold a ball to talk

My aunt, who likes to give my cousin “tips” for raising her adhd-diagnosed child, likes to post stuff like this all the time.

My aunt, who likes to give my cousin “tips” for raising her adhd-diagnosed child, likes to post stuff like this all the time.

I was a happy kid until my stepdads belt came off. Fuck your aunt and the people supporting what she stands for.


It is actually possible to grow out of ADHD and a lot of people do grow out of it, me being one of them. I really do pitty the people that have to live with it in adult hood. also you aunt can get bent mate. shit like is just wrong about any condition and it stems from miss understating. it also is the reason people have prejudice against them. even though i was never in trouble at school my teaches always loved to bring up my ADHD when i forgot something or didn't do a bit of homework edit: spelling

Yeah, it sucks to have it in adulthood.

Source: Am adult with ADHD

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