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Perfectly flat floor, designed to stop people from running in the hallway

Perfectly flat floor, designed to stop people from running in the hallway

First time "Whoa! I'd better slow down" Second time "I know your game now floor"

Would be funny if someday they would actually made a hole there

Or nest a sphere of annihilation in random black tiles such that any errant foot is instantly sucked into the void and utterly destroyed.

I feel like this will cause more falls than it prevents

World's Largest Single Firework

World's Largest Single Firework

"That's not that b...oh shit!"

I’ve seen this video like 10 times in the past, but this was STILL my reaction hahaha

How do we know which one is the Komodo 3000?

Alternative angle at 0:40. The diameter of that final blast is amazing.

Vintage photos taken by the EPA reveal what America looked like before pollution was regulated

Vintage photos taken by the EPA reveal what America looked like before pollution was regulated
Vintage photos taken by the EPA reveal what America looked like before pollution was regulated

And now they're rolling back regulations...

Looks like an American Made Great Again. At least according to Trumpism.

Pollution is just a sign of busy muricans enjoying a booming economy. If you hate pollution, you hate Murica. /s

Cool EPA commercial.

Ice skating down a bobsled track

He had a low center of gravity since most of his mass is centered in his ball sack.

Edit: my highest upvoted comment is about balls :(

I have gone on a couple of bobsled runs at the Salt Lake Olympic Village. This was in the summer, so no ice, only concrete, and using wheeled bobsleds. They are much slower than the ice bobsleds.

Before going on the runs, like a lot of people I'd see bobsledders and think "What's the big deal? They just have to hop on and ride it to the finish, jeez!"

First, there's a helluva lot of choreography and a huge burst of effort just at the start. Next, just about anything can make it down the track (eventually), but they're going for fastest time, so they have to steer the thing precisely. At breakneck speed.

And the Gs. OMG, the Gs! Up to 5 Gs, going 90mph (that's on ice, not my slower, tamer experience). Even while sitting, it takes a monumental effort to stay upright. Give it an inch, it'll take a mile and push you down into the sled so hard that you can't sit back up. And although the journey looks mostly smooth, there's a damn good reason they wear helmets--suddenly going from a leaning curve into a straightaway (or vise versa) bounces your head HARD against the sled, and even worse when there's a curve reversal. And the front of the sled whips around more than the back, so the one steering is being jolted the worst. And every rider, from the driver to the brakeman, must constantly shift their weight to keep the sled where it should be.

So when I see this guy standing on only a pair of friggin' ice skates taking curves like a boss for maybe 1/2 the run before biffing, while holding a selfie stick, my hat's off and my jaw's on the floor. Guy must have sore legs and back after that.

Edit: couple of minor clarifications

Edit: I posted this to my FB, and my nephew, who worked at the run as a track groomer, said this: "Holy cow, that is so cool. I've always wondered. Yeah the ice would have to be in perfect condition. Like every inch which would mean a lot of work for the track crew. But yeah if the perfectly wrong thing happened you could easily die or get so injured that you'd wish you had died"

If you've seen cool runnings you know how complex it actually is. Also, if you haven't seen cool runnings, what the hell are you doing with your life!

he looks Cool running down that slope. sorry for shit pun

Caterpillar Mimics a Snake When Frightened

They had millions of caterpillars, and of them the ones that evolved to have a snake butt happened to survive more, and thusly fuck more, making similar babies.

This is amazing.

Why and how did this caterpillar evolved in such a way?

One sneaky handsome sob, maybe the Chad of the caterpillars.


Edit: alternatively, The Very Thirsty Chaderpillar by Eric Carl's Jr

Synthetic Muscle for Robots

The real question here is, how long till human muscles are replaced by synthetic muscles?

Let's make extra sure that when robots reach the stage in their evolution where they view humans as pests, they can easily rip our heads off.

You may have given men of reddit an idea (line to get one installed in penis forms).

current robots with hydraulic muscles are ripping our heads off already.

Drawing three 90 degree angles in a curved space. One of the reasons we know the Earth is not flat but round.

Can some one explain how these 90 degrees prove the earth is round?

2D geometry rules are different than 3D rules. If the earth was flat (2D), then we couldnt add up 3-90 degree angles and end up with a triangle since flat triangles only have 180 degrees. However, since the earth is curved (3D) we can.

I've seen them dispute the south pole existing. I'm sure they'd have some other bs excuse for this.

Yeah, it like, works because curves.

Giant Lego Man Costume From Cardboard

Holy shit that's a lot of work.

This video looks like a month + of work, not to mention all the rework when you realize you can’t hold a beer.

That's going to get so messed up if he starts sweating or liquid is spilt on it

Looks like it doesn't really work as a costume, but they tried to pass it off as though it did. The hip piece looks like it would be in the way, then he doesn't step through it when putting it on. The last shot looks like stop motion animation.

Different type of fractal, kinda pulls you in...

Different type of fractal, kinda pulls you in...

Can't wait to look at this when I drop acid tonight!

I just got baked and I couldn't look away. Felt like I was delving deeper into an atom like in Ant Man or the Fairly Oddparents. You're gonna have fun.

Edit: I had to come back. Trying to keep track of the colors made it look like it was pulsing

Might want to put an epilepsy warning on this. The flashing can really mess with people.

Not really a fractal. The boxes "grow" on to each other instead of always being there and the animation simply zooming in to reveal them.

How to make Air Goggles to see underwater [x-post /sub/WatchAndLearn]

From /sub/watchandlearn, it's a subreddit for gifs, videos, etc. that teach you something.

The point of this to be for when you don't have real goggles and can't stand opening your eyes underwater like me.

You don't even have to start above water, you can cup your hands over your eyes when fully submerged and blow bubbles to form the goggles, then open your eyes in the air pocket that forms!

Source Video:

Now that I see it, I can't believe I never thought of trying this!

This also works when you're not underwater, I just tried it!

Directions unclear; resuscitating girlfriend

Try one of these subthreads