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learnt it by experience

learnt it by experience

I prefer Molex to PCIe

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I disagree. the molex 4 pin can handle loads upto 132w and the 6pin pcie upto 75w. so if you use something like this is perfectly safe.

Molex -> Y-Molex Splitter -> (each) PCI-E 6+2 Pin -> GPU

After 9 years trying to make it as an indie dev, I've decided to give my game away for free. For the next 24 hours on Steam, you can grab a free to keep copy of my GTA2-inspired Battle Royale called Geneshift. AMA!

Hey reddit, I'm Ben and this is Geneshift! You can get a free copy directly from Steam. No catch, its free to keep forever.

Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/308600

Geneshift is a 95% positively rated Battle Royale with a twist! Each round only lasts 2 minutes. As the circle rapidly shrinks you must loot for weapons, grab a car, and drive GTA2-style to the center. On the way you'll discover special unlocks like Invisibility or Fire Balls. If you die you'll become a zombie. This lets you keep looting for next round or try to respawn by killing a living player. There are singleplayer bots, online multiplayer, crazy challenges to complete, and more.

I've been working on this game for over 9 years now. This has been a horrible financial decision, but it's been a wild ride. I've coded the game from all over the world, including 18 months in Peru! If you've got any questions I'd love to hear them :)


Can we support you somehow? If not I'll buy the game when it's not free.

Hey man, that's very kind of your to offer. The best way to support the game is to just play it and tell your friends :)

Will do! Thanks for the game bud, I'll leave a review once I've played it a bit and provided that steam will let me, steams been a bit funny with letting me post reviews on some things but not on others 😭

RTX for your balls

RTX for your balls



This is pretty accurate

With a title like that, I expected something.... wrinklier

So true...

So true...

Until the unresponsive program is task manager, then its seppuku.

I miss FPS Russia :(

taskkill /f /im taskmgr.exe

Until the unresponsive program is seppuku, then it's sudoku



Judging by his name and the way he writes, I would say no.


Don't you have a NZXT CPU?

Can you file your taxes on a PS4? HUH‽

Look who I ran into yesterday!

Look who I ran into yesterday!

I can't believe Jay met planbskte11!

did he loan you 2 cents?

This took me awhile to get tbh.

Nice! You met LinusTechTips!

New Folder [OC]

New Folder [OC]

Ah so you're the genius behind these comics. Followed you :)

New folder(3)

Thank you for reading my comics! If you like, you may follow me on my social media.


System32 is one crafty prick, am right?

Can not live w/o

Just fixing my headphones and someone decided to put this message on the circuit board

Just fixing my headphones and someone decided to put this message on the circuit board

I could have sworn I've seen this exact picture before

I also have seen it before on a post, not exactly this image, but this message on a board inside of a component

What head phones are they?



Hell no

Hell no

When I lived with my parents, my mom would say "Takes this kid and let him play your videogames". Afterwards she realized that I didn't like that at all that she started to even help me to keep people away from my battlestation ahahhhaaha Best mom

My 1.5yo napew nephew REALLY liked my PS4 controller. He would run to my room, say "UHH!!!" while pointing at it then take it and run away. I gave him an old knockoff PS2 controller as a decoy. He dragged it around and beat it to shit eventually.

I went to visit my cousin’s house in another country and both my mom and my cousin’s mom told us to play video games at my cousin’s room like we are kids

We just kinda stared at each other awkwardly and he turned on his battlestation and I turned on my switch and we just played our own games separately. It was awkward and weird.

P.S. I didn’t even know who he was until I went to his house

If you observe carefully, he is cleverly using the other peasantry machines as a bait for protecting his Glorious PC.

Friends old GPU broke, asked him what shoe size he has. Hope he enjoys his new "shoes"

Friends old GPU broke, asked him what shoe size he has. Hope he enjoys his new "shoes"

Hello there friend! My shoe size is 1080 Ti.

Look at Mr. Tinyfeet over here, my size is a 2080 Ti.

For info, he had a really old gtx 560, so this will be a nice upgrade, since he just plays casually and on 1080p

edit: I drove to him, because he needed help with his car, when I arrived, I told him to help me to get some stuff out of my car and that he should take the box on my passenger seat. when he opened the door, he was like, "oh damn, he really got me some shoes", and when he opened the box, he just said that I was, I quote: "a stupid fuck". He hugged me for like 5 minutes and thanked me. It was really heartwarming to see him so happy. we just played a few rounds of Battlefield 5 and it runs on a locked 60 fps with no problem.

also thanks for the tons of positive feedback, you guys are awesome! :)

"I really needed new shoes though..."

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