Helk protec, helk attac

Helk protec, helk attac

The engagement rate of this post - I'm curious how high it is.

I mean - 1.1k people are online and this has 470 upvotes right now.

That's a 40% engagement rate... which is insane.

Would I get the same upvotes, in four hours, if I upload a meme with Helk's face?


He also made my character model blac 😡

quality meme

How to Raid with the Hot Air Balloon in Rust

How to Raid with the Hot Air Balloon in Rust

Sure is windy up there!

(we'll fix it)

You're a beautiful person, thanks for this game. Can't wait to finally play it once I get my PC, I've been watching gameplay and YouTubers for now, can't wait for the real thing.

Keep up the good work!

I just lol'd.

Oh my god Perfect video.


Petition To Bring Back Map Drawing

Petition To Bring Back Map Drawing

I've missed this feature a lot.

I loved it when you had to explore the map to see more on the map

I miss labeling fake bases on my maps and writing fake codes next to them, and then getting myself killed with the map on me.

This happened to me, someone killed me and eventually I killed him later that same day, got my map back and realised he had marked my base location down. Got raided that night. Was quality.

propoganda in rust

propoganda in rust

Rise up gamers

Hey all solos, lets group up to fight big groups and put an end in clan domination, together we can beat them!

Clans are Rust at it's highest level of play. It's literally the birth of tribal civilization in video game form.

Rise up and form a clan to eliminate clans! Surely everyone will go back to being solo after all that winning.

About the FOV

About the FOV


Might be the reason why the weapon isnt accurate

Then he should be smart and lerp between this shitty fov while the weapon is at the hip, and the old fov when aiming down sights. Easy fix.

From memory - the reason given for changing this was more to do with how the weapons looked when they were held at the hip (as opposed to ADS). They were weirdly stretched/elongated, according to Helk.

So, for whatever reason, he smushed them into the camera and that was that.

The Performance Update

The Performance Update


Hello, 60 fps. It's nice to meet you.


We were crying for not optimizing the game and now they did it so do not cry about no content.

This is great. Just optimization and some small QoL stuff. Could do with another month of this, fixing HQM and other bugs.

No new boats 0/10

My (not very accurate) Rust key-lock

My (not very accurate) Rust key-lock

I actually find it accurate

What do you expect us to say? Not accurate. Of course it's accurate and you know it? Did you really expect to see a comment saying "well, shit this is innacurate". Jk my dude, looks great

Very nice OP

Yeah, this is pretty damn accurate.

It is the year 2019...

It is the year 2019... be 2019 leave my armored 3x3 with unlootable loot rooms (not an exploit!) enjoy the nice crisp 30fps while walking down the new bandit Vegas strip a rogue member of the local 60 man zerg runs up to me holding a smoke grenade everyone stops in their tracks and quickly try to run away before I can react he throws down two of them the server goes down for 5 hours and my graphics card melts zerg member gets banned from server because smoke grenades are considered contraband on 90% of servers finally able to join back hours later it's nighttime when I load back in (EAC now forces your monitor to turn off during nighttime so everyone has an 'even playing field' - if you turn your monitor back on during night time you get gamebanned) 90 man zerg headshots me from 1200 meters with the new Barrett 50cal and new thermal imaging 16x scope (they have cheats that let them have their monitor powered on during nighttime) I'm wearing a hazmat suit I found in a barrel so turns out I only took 5 damage run into what I think is a Bush and wait for morning morning comes and just as I am about to get inside my base the new thief NPC runs up to me "YOUR MONEY OR YOUR LIFE, TRAVELLER!" hand over my scrap because thief npc has 1000 hp thief NPC walks away and I think I'm safe thief NPC runs into a cactus so it triple headshots everyone on the server game crashes

4/10 because no Boats

im crying


I'm still playing Rust

It's still really fun

Oh god what am I doing with my life

This whole thing happened on a giant boat the size of the map.

I made MARIO what have you guys made? any ideas?

I made MARIO what have you guys made? any ideas?

Minecraft looking better with each update

wow thats impressive

Holy crap, I made Mario a while back. Let me see if I can get the pic Edit: Mario I made and bonus Super Mushroom and Yoshi Egg

Queue dick bases and swastika bases...



One day I was home from work playing rust, and I was yelling at nakeds to get off my steps. I heard a knock on the window beside my computer. It was my parents dropping by to give me something.

My mum was like “why are you yelling at us? You sound like a crazy person!” And I had to sheepishly explain I was yelling at people in a game. She told me to be careful cause my neighbours will think I have mental problems...


everyone who plays rust has mental problems

No it’s a repost

Try one of these subthreads