Quityourbullshit quityourbullshit

Always making excuses

Always making excuses

Lol hes gona fail the class that's what's gona happen next

I really want to know what happens next.

Oof he busted all caps on your ass!

Empty threats deserve empty responses. Good on you OP

Swedish man calls out bogus claim that the word "Christmas" has been banned in his country due to political correctness

Swedish man calls out bogus claim that the word "Christmas" has been banned in his country due to political correctness

It’s getting bad in Mexico too.

Too many Muslims. We can’t even call it Christmas. Hell, if you go up to someone and say “merry Christmas” theres a chance that they’ll pretend they don’t know what it means. We have fuckers saying “Feliz navidad” instead. It’s disgusting.

I heard some people chanting “Prospero año y felizidad” which I can only assume means “death to America” or something satanic.

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They banned Jul here in the US too

I was going to call bullshit anyway. Winter Celebration doesn’t have any Ø’s or ü’s in it, so it isn’t Swedish

Source: I go to ikea sometimes

It’s okay, I’m American. I have no idea what I’m talking about, but I said it loudly anyway.

And then a zombie murdered my family!

And then a zombie murdered my family!

What I don't understand is; when people feel the need to lie to prove their point, why don't they realize that they are taking the wrong position?

Because in their minds it could have easily happened, and therefore the lie is justified I think. Same reason ideologues don't question their assumptions when they're called out on sharing fake news. "Yeah, maybe they didn't do it this time but would you be surprised??"

It's a cult mindset; citations and facts are just more proof that the truth is being suppressed by corporations/government/Jews/deep state/whatever and it must be countered by any means necessary.

"Oh yeah? Well if vaccines are so safe then how come I'm clearly retarded?"

I wish we could see the rebuttals to some of these...

BuzzFeed "journalist" called out

BuzzFeed "journalist" called out

This is just defamation at this point.

Does he realise that what he's trying to do here is actually illegal? And that PewDiePie has enough fuck off money to take him to court over this a few hundred times over?

What a fucking idiot

A lot of sensationalist writers play this border and there’s often nothing the target can do about it

Leave it to whang to make buzzfeed look stupid

Nick Offerman calls out 'BroBible'

Nick Offerman calls out 'BroBible'

Now I'm concerned about what "slave day" is and why that appears to be a bone in his hair.

We had slave day in my school and I’m a whole lot younger than him. They stopped doing it 1999-ish. Anyway, the seniors would stand on stage and there would be an auction, highest bidder could make them do whatever they wanted for a day. And naturally, dressing a guy as a girl was the greatest form of humiliation in the world.

Edited to add- For context, this was a small rural school, very few POC.

Wait, you're supposed to let them go after 24 hours? I kept mine. He's been working 18 hour days for the past 19 years and hasn't complained at all. Huh, weird

It's easy to forget that when they were in high school, most tough-guy actors were just attractive but nerdy drama kids.

"getting a $200-$500 jacket for $80 isnt a good discount"

"getting a $200-$500 jacket for $80 isnt a good discount"

Ah but according to internet law anyone with an anime profile pic is immediately wrong

I'll make an exception for nep-nep

This is one of those interesting cases. When I was growing up stores like this were cheap so that the poor could afford decent clothes. Now the aim has shifted to raising money to be funnelled into charity programs.

He was complaining about him having to pay for it at Goodwill he just has really bad Grammar

Hope thats not too political

Hope thats not too political

poor guy, damn. That must be pretty uncomfortable.

I know, but imagine having an attack on a plan and just hitting everything

This is the first time I've seen it

Yeah, and imagine how much more judgy the person that took the picture would be

Hard work pays off

Hard work pays off

Looks like home girl put a basketball in her pants

I'm pretty sure she's joking

Because she did, she’s mocking the Instagram girls who get ass implants and pretend it’s gym gains.

(I know you probably got this, I’m more responding to OP who uploaded this even though it’s clearly a joke)

Woman: Makes obvious joke

Man: Takes it at face value and wrecks her with logic and facts

Reddit: haha yes this really confirms my prejudices

Liar tells liar to quit their bullshit

Liar tells liar to quit their bullshit

Ok, but what if the first guy lied about making it up? HMMMMM?????? Where do the lies end??

Nah the second person definitely deserves to be judged more. The way I see it the first Tumblr user was making a joke (based on a false premise, but really does anyone really believe every single funny story a comedian tells?). So the first person was just making a harmless joke. Then the second person knew that they weren’t involved nor does the additional comment contribute to the comedy of the original post.

Who should be judged more? Because the first "tumblerer"? Admits it was a lie

Did you lie then, or are you lying now?!

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