Rarepuppers rarepuppers

Can a seal be a rarepupper?

Can a seal be a rarepupper?


This dog is beautiful and cute and I want to snuggle her.

But the table behind her is terrifying- it’s like a cross between a spider and an octopus that lost some legs.

I am disconcerted by the incongruity between these two feelings.

Source: I. Winton on Facebook’s dogspotting page

There was an attempt

I’m sorry, but I’d give him a promotion.

Omg, I really enjoyed this. But at "wrong house" I lost it completely and snorted in my coffee. It spilled everywhere.

Thank you, that was awesome.

13/10 would promote. Less time spent reading the paper = more time spent with pupper

The way his ears flop when he runs just murders me.



That’s so funny! I want to do that!

I want a beautiful corgo like that

no swearsies the puppers dont like.

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Precious smol boye practices his awoos

Precious smol boye practices his awoos

very good and small awoo

Good boy

This is one of the most innocent and precious things I’ve seen in a long time. The little look on his face like he’s been called upon to join in harmony with the ancient noise of the flashy doggo in the sky. And he does it so proudly - Like hey! I can make that noise too I thinks. Awwoooowowo! - mom looke I’m doin it!

The time has come omg. Ok get into position. Omg I’m really gonna do it, is anyone looking? Ok here we go! Omg I’m doing it, ok don’t get too excited, focus. I’m doing it! I’m doing it! I did it. Was it ok?

Handsome fluffy boi

Handsome fluffy boi

His head is enormous!

OMGzz his head started growing before the rest of him had a chance to catch up, that's the cutest little pup I've ever seen.

German Shepherds are the best!

He ... he looks like a ... sunset! 🌇

She's in love with the tiny human

We don’t deserve dogs

Good Girl does a heckin fine Protecc. 12/10.

This just makes me so happy

who stole the yums?

who stole the yums?



Karen call the police!

He was heckin bamboozled

Dad is teaching his pups how to swim

So many verry good swimmy bois

Take note humans, teach your kids to swim, at an early age!!! Then kids+ water = less stress, more enjoyment! Good one!

Good papadoggo

But where’s their mother yelling at dad to be careful

Remember helpful Rottweiler?

Cancer has come for him and tomorrow, he leaves us. I just wanted his fans to know. His name was Diesel, he was a good boy. And he's gone.

Oh no :( RIP Diesel, the goodest boy

I can't believe you've done this

Diesel and the weasel

Never seen this before. Only makes me love dogs even more!

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