You can always learn each other’s language too

You can always learn each other’s language too

learn your partner's language so you can understand all the shade from the aunties

Lean a language together that neither knows.

Idk if I’m tripping but I think the majority of the comments here are taking this too literally. I’m nearly certain this is figurative and it’s about finding someone that naturally jives with you so you don’t suffer through misunderstandings or poor communication about feelings (though taken literally it obviously still checks out).

Nah, see, it's not just learning someone else's, it's them learning YOURS, too.

We built too much 'for others' then get mad when we go unfulfilled.

Pete & Repeat

Pete & Repeat

Why does it look like it's extremely poorly photoshopped?

They call me Pete Repeat

It literally looks like loltyler1 pasted on two women's bodies

I think this photo had been manipulated to make their skin lighter? I have no idea. Just a guess.

This is actually adorable, faith in humanity restored

This is actually adorable, faith in humanity restored

Love stuff like this. I took a solo flight with my son when he was six months old and as soon as we got on the plane he wouldn't stop screaming. I was mortified. I knew he was tired and would go right to sleep but I couldn't get him in the right spot to go to sleep. I sat in the last row of the plane to try and not bother anybody. Eventually the lady beside me said "do you mind if I hold him for a while? All my grandkids are grown and I loved when they fell asleep on me." I handed him over and he went right to sleep. The lady on the other side of her leans over and goes "you know, you're in luck, every person sitting around you is a child development specialist. We were in town for a conference and we're all flying home at the same time" and as soon as she said that everyone around me turned around and smiled. I swear to Christ my grandmothers were up in heaven looking out for me. We got off the flight and as my wife met us in baggage claim every single one of them came up and told her we did an amazing job on the flight. I'll never forget those ladies and I always have a soft spot in my heart for people like that. Whenever I hear a crying baby on a flight I want to go over and offer to do the same thing that lady did but I don't think a giant bearded man doing that would go over as well as a sweet grandma.

fuck society for that. giant bearded men everywhere want to hold god damn babies

EDIT: your story is very touching. i'm sure that lifted a ton of anxiety off you. i know i would be geekin the entire flight if i were in your position.

Looks like an Allegiant Air flight to me... I'd happily sit in someone else's lap, 500 times more comfortable than the seats

I like how she gave him back at the baggage claim instead of in the plane as if he were luggage 😂

All those years in school, it's totally worth it.

All those years in school, it's totally worth it.

Whole doctor... Entire medical doctor... Doctor doctor...




I spent five years following the medical path. I decided it wasn’t for me. But anyone who survives that is a hero.

Excuse me, nurse. I’m the whole doctor, like a medical doctor. You know, the doctor doctor?

I like this relationship goal

I like this relationship goal


That was my first thought. That's like $400 bucks a month

Me and wife do that. But we share the meal. 1 app 1 entree 1 dessert. 4 drinks.

No phones. Change meeting place every week. Ability to afford eating at new restaurants every week.

That's how organized crime avoid getting caught on The Wire.

Internet will be a better place if everyone is like Marques.

Internet will be a better place if everyone is like Marques.


People forget how much peace of mind is worth. Someone may not be comfortable building their own PC and buying a prebuilt one will allow them to rest easy knowing that a professional put their PC together. Obviously you want to do your research before buying a Walmart prebuilt or something, but Cyberpower and iBuyPower are both reputable sources that allow you to choose your components.

Honestly my current PC is a prebuilt and I got it cheaper than it would have cost to build myself. Plus I didn’t have to worry about DOA parts, cable management, rebates, etc. My last rig was a custom build and it was inefficient, loud, and messy. I haven’t decided if I will build my next one, but I definitely don’t regret buying my current one prebuilt. Not one iota.

Although I am building mine, I can perfectly see why someone would want to get a prebuilt. The warranty is also nice too

Great Teammates.

Maybe they remember how good it felt to score their first points in the NBA. Maybe a little encouragement and support is what that team needs right now

People that hate on lebron shock me. He has always been a respectful and accountable man in any interview I have seen.

I wish I had that kind of support and a cool job I actually enjoy that pays well.

.... do you need a hug?

Keep things in perspective

Keep things in perspective

Be yourself because everyone is already tracer

A common saying goes something like "If everyone placed their problems on a table, you'd be quick to grab yours back"

But what about Widowmaker?

I hate quotes like this. They basically scream out "Hey, you may be having a hard time, but there are people who have it worse, so shut the fuck up, you little shit."

How to save a life.

How to save a life.
How to save a life.

There's a good chance that guy just extended two lives, what a legend.

Now that's Love!

How to save two lives.

She photoshopped MJ in the hopes of him seeing it and he did, then replied.

She photoshopped MJ in the hopes of him seeing it and he did, then replied.

Talk about speaking your dreams into reality.... jeez.

Is he always so pleasant? He's one of my favorite actors but I could see him being a jerk.

Apparently super nice, grateful, and hard working. Just don't mention his height.

Good old Michael Jee Bordan

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