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Christmas lights under snow

Christmas lights under snow

It's like a snow cone and a twelve foot long party sub had a baby.

This gets posted on Reddit every 2 days

This picture is my favourite annual tradition :)

It's the same picture every year too.

This octopus is able to shapeshift

This octopus is able to shapeshift

Watch as it goes from a rhinos butthole to an underwater bush.

I'm so not cool with the sea.

Studies show there are, on average, 5 octopuses near you at all times.

Came here for the butthole comment, was not disappointed. I was like "WTF?! Ah ok! Woah!"

Blooming lightning

You know some evil fucking genius just yelled “It’s alive!”

Jazz hands 👐


It busted a lightning nut

The detail of this drawing

I thought it was zooming in to show its textured 3D effect, but then there was a deer! And a fox! And an owl! And a hawk!



can I find a print of this?

LED hypercube. Wait til they show inside

Gime a strip of acid, a helmet with that on the inside, and one week. Lmfao.

a hypercube is a 4D cube or a tesseract (google it, you don't recognize the word but you've seen the gifs 100 times)

this is just a regular old 3D tesselating cube pattern (the kickstarter guys picked a stupid name)




Wrong sub

Why is this in /sub/whoadude?

Captain America is about 100 years old. To see his father still alive and looking quite young is mind blowing!!1!

/sub/woahdude is for Iron Man fans. Duh

Thomas Deininger's Plastic Assemblies

Thomas Deininger's Plastic Assemblies

Optical illusions to the max. Very interesting.

These videos are like when you see a really good thumbnail for something and then you click on the linkn and iinside it's garbage



Found my new desktop background

Guy makes an upside-down, fire-spewing smoke tornado inside a bubble

Haha. That smug smile at the end

I mean I was impressed with the first bubble and then he went full on avatar, mastering elements and shit

Are bubble artists required to grow a soul patch, or is that just a guild preference?

I was going to comment on how bored he looked until he flashed that little grin. He enjoyed that as much as we did.

The steering wheel reflection looks like a planet in the sky

The steering wheel reflection looks like a planet in the sky

This made me think of how we take our own natural satellite and nearest star for granted every clear day.

Must be driving a Saturn.

Sorry to steal your thunder on your cake day. But I don't believe so. I did own one. Anytime I needed a part, junkyards were the place to go.

That's no moon!

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